Why do we get tired

Why do we get tired
 It turns out that not only overly tired overworked people, but also those who idly sitting in a comfortable armchair. Sometimes rolls so tired and wants to go on the couch and just do nothing, there is apathy to everything, I want to stay in silence. So why do people get tired and what is the reason?
 Until recently it was believed that fatigue occurs due to excessive accumulation of lactic acid in the body. But in fact, the main role belongs to the fatigue of the central nervous system. After all, a person's life is full of severe stress: a fast paced and modern, noise, large amount of information for analysis, decision-making sometimes difficult. However, fatigue - this is quite normal - or rather, a signal that the body needs rest.

Modern people spend most of their workday in a vertical position, which leads to circulatory shifts and, accordingly, to nervous and mental fatigue. For a long-time person just has to save the monotonous posture, from which there is muscle fatigue. In addition to all phone calls and Mount important cases requiring direct participation, complete the picture of mental and emotional stress.

Unfortunately, on arrival home, this picture does not change, because here too there are economic affairs. Women have to stand at the stove or do homework with the kids, sit in front of the TV or the computer, spending a few hours in a uniform position. And it turns out in the end a vicious circle.

Frequent overtime and irregular working hours have a negative impact on the entire human body and lead to chronic fatigue. Fatigue is also related to the fact that people do not know how to properly organize and plan your business, finding the optimal balance between work and leisure.

Irregular and improper diet can cause fatigue of the body. Do not make a significant break between meals, because it nourishes the body with energy, and refusal to eat may cause drowsiness and feeling of depression. Normal diet should consist of five meals. Lack of liquid leads to a loss of energy. The average rate of fluid intake per day is two liters, try to stick to the recommended standards.

Do not forget about the full sleep, as the body is fully recovered after eight hours of sleep a night (no less). Remember the benefits of exercise, if you do not have time to visit the gym or pool, allocates at least twenty minutes for morning exercises. Stay in a good mood, change your habits and eliminate the use of alcohol as well as its abuse leads to a feeling of fatigue (better eat an apple or yogurt).

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