What is Quilling

What is Quilling
 Fragile, almost weightless flowers, which scared to touch, strange beasts and birds of the paper curls, volume embroidered snowflakes - all created by people who deal with Quilling - fascinating kind of needlework. Quilling technique is simple, but opens the masters almost unlimited opportunities for creativity.

Descended from the English word qill («feather") the term 'quilling' called Quilling art. This name has a historical background: in medieval Europe, the monks were spinning at the end of the bird's feather gilded paper, simulating a gold medallion.

In the XV century in Europe quilling was considered an art form in the XVIII century, he moved into the category of women's interests, and in the XX century was completely forgotten, and only now beginning to gain popularity again.

Basic techniques - twisting thin strips of paper into spirals, giving them different shapes and compilation tracks. With this type of work can handle even a child, but in the hands of skilled craftsmen paper strips turn into true masterpieces.

In the world there are several schools of quilling. The most common - a European and Korean. Korean technology from Europe is characterized by a large number of work items.

Kvilling can be an excellent hobby, in addition, it is possible to attract and children. Only need to pick up for them more than simple tools - instead of a special tool, you can take an old stem from a ballpoint pen from the cut end.

On sale there are special tools for Quilling and special paper width from 3 mm to 2 cm. But if you buy them does not work, you can do anything available. You will need to double-sided colored paper (and, such that at the cut will not be white), and as a tool to better use an awl or a toothpick.

Cut the paper into strips of desired width, using office knife (scissors is very difficult to precisely cut a narrow strip). If you are using a toothpick, a little tip dissociate it using stationery knife. Insert the tip of the strip into the slot and start spinning strip into a spiral, constantly pulling and supporting the paper with your fingers. If the strip is over, and you need a wider spiral, with the help of PVA glue attach the following piece of paper and keep reeling.

Can be twisted too tight spiral, and then attach them to the fingers or petals form droplets.

Of these spirals can collect original postcards or paper flowers please close fantastic beauty.

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