Vegetarianism is catching on

Vegetarianism is catching on
 Nowadays, more and more famous people become vegetarians, ie refuse to use food of animal origin. Thus, they provide an example of humanity, which has now been split into two warring camps: plant and animal food lovers. Fashion always dictate their terms. Vegetarianism nowadays becoming fashionable.

What gets people to give up meat on certain ethical considerations? Hoping to improve their health, what he will get in return?
Once in a fun table-company is a vegetarian. The world is ending. Well, if people are sufficiently educated and pretend to eat or not to eat meat - individual choice of each. If a little brusque manner, the situation may reach a quarrel. Recall that the proponents of vegetable diet is sometimes not friendly advocate widespread belief "do not eat animals killed."

A lot of people come to the vegetarian lifestyle on religious and ethical reasons.

Other followers of this "type" power set goals of improving character: less carcinogens and cholesterol - more likely to live happily and long.

It is worth noting that the idea to abandon animal food - is as old as our earth-mother.

Hindus, Buddhists and some Christian denominations believe that animal food greatly aggravating the spirit and makes a person extremely aggressive.

Scientists of today claim that all such claims originate from the field of philosophy and quackery. The thing is that to date scientific evidence that meat increases aggression in humans - no.

Often the meat is simply necessary to man. For example, the Khanty who live in the Arctic Circle, feed exclusively on fish and meat for centuries. For this reason, they have charge of the transport of dangerous cholesterol gene. He is completely absent from the Europeans.
Rejection of animal food in modern society has become like religion.

For the majority of vegetarianism - is the choice of an ethical nature. Make a choice motivated vegetarians suffering of animals killed for food, and not only them, but also cows giving milk, along with chickens, hens. Vegetarians say: "It is enough to be a real man to be a vegetarian, but to become a real man, you must already be a vegetarian."

Of course, the beliefs that do not harm the people deserve respect undisputed.

Today vegetarianism - it is an act of some animal "humanism", which is compassionate human soul. Charity and compassion especially respected in our time, when the whole population of animals are dying, and Red Book adds more pages. It is for this reason that vegetarianism is overdue and is gaining rapid popularity.

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