Top 5 reasons to abandon the barbecue at the picnic

Top 5 reasons to abandon the barbecue at the picnic
 Kebab anyway we associate with summer, nature and causes a pleasant experience. This is certainly a tasty dish, and the process fun. But keep in mind about the harm that gets our body at the use of barbecue.  

The first reason is the development of cancer. Scientists from Australia have done a series of experiments that prove that the systematic use of meat cooked over charcoal at high temperature conditions can lead to the development of colorectal cancer in men and breast cancer in women. We found out that exposure to high temperatures for meat contributes to the formation of carcinogenic substances that in a negative way affects our health. Protection against carcinogens is the marinade. Properly cooked marinade will not only protect your body from carcinogens, but also remove harmful microbes.

The second reason: upset stomach. When selecting meat for barbecue should take into account the individual characteristics of each person. Lamb - the meat itself is hard to digest. If a person has problems with the stomach or intestines, from that barbecue it should be abandoned. In this case, you need to consider as an alternative to the other kind of meat, such as chicken.

The third reason: heartburn and bloating. Skewers, soaked in yogurt or pre mayonnaise, may adversely affect people with a high level of acidity or unstable. In addition, a barbecue in any case can not drink wine, or upset stomach you provided.

The fourth reason: excess weight. Regardless of whether you eat bread and passing alcohol or refrain cooked so the meat anyway necessarily affect your figure.

The fifth reason: poisoning. Kebab made with stale food, poorly-done, can cause severe poisoning. So be careful when choosing meat. It is not recommended to buy meat just skinned carcasses, blood have to drain. Also dried up meat with an unnatural shade is not worth buying. Be careful with the marinade. Excess vinegar undoubtedly affect your condition.

Remember, properly cooked barbecue reduces the risk of arrhythmias and cardiovascular disease.

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