Stand-up rules

Stand-up rules
 Almost each family there is a lot of problems in the organization of the celebration. If time is limited, and thus it is necessary to take a large number of guests, the output will be a buffet. The name of this event comes from the French fourchette - plug. Participants banquet buffet eat standing up. They serve themselves and pick a treat. And as the use of cutlery diner fork.
 If you are going to organize a buffet table, it is worth remembering the first time or to discover the golden rule. They will help make your party unforgettable.

Try to establish a "buffet" in the center of the room. So the invited guests will be able to approach it from four sides.

Remember that on the buffet table should be present dishes that can easily take a fork. Well, if the table itself will be higher than normal. After all the guests have to eat standing up.

Do not forget to set the table with a tablecloth great - it is a prerequisite reception.

Properly arrange the cutlery: forks, plates and glasses to avoid hassles, set on both sides of the table. Further, symmetrically from the center (left and right) put hot dishes, appetizers, salads, desserts and fruit. The edges - sauces and devices with spices. Small plates have to stand in the front row, then - deep. Make sure that the free edge of the table. This is to ensure that guest could put a plate filled.

There is another option arrangement. For its implementation will require 3 tables: table 1 are arranged only food for 2 - cutlery and crockery, and 3 - glasses and drinks.

Remember that close to the tables in meats should be a small bedside table or a movable table with a tray of dirty dishes.

Keep in mind that during the second approach to the table, according to etiquette, you should take a clean instruments. So keep in mind when serving a triple supply devices, glasses and utensils. Incidentally, the latter is better to use white or monochromatic. This will help avoid unnecessary medley.

Decorate the buffet table. For this fit the candles and vases of flowers. The food is better positioned to multilevel dishes.

Serve traditional. First cold dishes, then hot, then dessert and fruit, and at the end of coffee or tea. The menu typically may contain up to three options dishes. Note that it must include the cheese platter. The perfect complement to them will be berries and fruit (grapes, melon, pear).

Correctly pick up drinks - this is very important. On the table must be: red and white wine, champagne, mineral water and juices, based on each guest.

Try to place in the room a few tables and chairs, maybe someone can not eat standing up.

Serve fruit in multilevel dishes in small baskets or on a tray. They should not be in one place.

Take care of the musical accompaniment reception. Remember, it should serve as a backdrop for conversation invited guests. Therefore suitable light instrumental pieces.

Think carefully about entertainment. Then the guests carry with them not only a good impression about food, but also memories of a wonderful pastime.

Try to pay attention to each guest and thank him for what he has visited your event.

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