Self Defense

Self Defense
 The modern world is a wave of crime, so to avoid becoming the next victim, come up with ways to protect their lives in advance. Particularly relevant self defense for the weaker sex when it is sometimes necessary to fight not for life, and for the honor.

It's no secret that in today's world sometimes have to defend themselves against sudden aggression in his address, especially for women. In large cities, the weapon shop - normal, you can buy a variety of tools that will be saved in a difficult moment. Basic types of self-defense a little bit, look at what they are.

The simplest tool that fits in a small purse - pepper spray. Means compactly and efficiently - in difficult times only need to blow in the face of an attacker. The composition of the spray will cause severe burning and tearing, stop criminals. Permission for this kind of protection is not required.

Similarly acts spray and tear Russian means of self-defense of the "Beat". The only negative of such means is that, if the combat jet hit the victim, she would have to cry with his tormentor ...

Stun now you can buy literally on the street - for example, in a stall near the metro. This contact remedy that will work only if it is possible to touch the perpetrator. Already appeared for sale stun working at a distance, but they are quite rare.

The principle of operation Taser - stunning man of non charge of electricity when he temporarily loses consciousness or orientation in space from a painful shock. Effectively stops the attacker, but only if you have time to get it in time - it means there are compact, which, like the cans are placed in the pocket.

Another type of self-defense is the use of traumatic weapons. The legality of carrying such weapons remains open, although many people prefer to keep such weapons with them "just in case". The main objective of travmatiki - hurt the aggressor enough that he felt the pain and move to a safe distance. Kill these weapons is almost impossible, but the hurt person easily, especially with headshots.

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