Myths about old age

Myths about old age
 For many young people the onset of old age seems to be a disaster that affects not only the body but also the mind. Old age frightens loss of visual appeal and health. They think that after 50 years a person dies in his development, sits in a chair and he was nothing else left to do but to expect the arrival of death. But we think the myths about old age are multiplying, simply because older people to deny their once - they are engaged in a full life.

One of the myths - that old age can not slow down, deny not only the latest wonderful achievements of cosmetology, including non-surgical methods to turn the clock for 15-20 years. Refutation of the myth will promote a healthy lifestyle and correct and balanced diet, exercising, quitting smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Even a daily walk in the fresh air and a good glass of red wine at dinner, which have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, you add several years of active life.

Many people think that old age - is certainly bad hair and teeth. Modern tools for hair care and diseases of the gums that cause tooth loss, can fully solve the problem. Even if the hair is gray, they can always be put in order and if you want to paint in any color. However, if you have a well-groomed person, no gray hair does not make you an old woman, and only emphasize the youthfulness.

But the fact that the height of a man after 70 years is reduced - it's true. The reason for this becomes sagging and softening of the bones of the skeleton. To avoid this - watch posture, train spine, take dietary supplements, calcium and vitamin D, strengthens bones and spine.

Myth is that a person's feelings fade and he is no longer capable of love or sexual desire. It is not, moreover, it is a wonderful feeling, even in old age is able to give a person a second youth and provide an incentive for a full, eventful life.

Do not be afraid of old age, if you do not want to be old, you will not be it. Nobody prevents you from continuing active and eventful life, traveling and meeting friends, interested in the events that are so rich and generous our lives, no matter how old you recorded in the passport.

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