How to prevent depression

How to prevent depression
 Depression appears depressed mood, irritability, resentment is, decreased interest in his surroundings. Man is hard to focus, it does not take anything, he did not see any prospects. What once seemed interesting, it becomes boring and of little significance.
 Depression can occur with prolonged stress and traumatic situations. In this case, they are a defensive reaction of the organism. Surge psyche as it falls into a stupor, protecting people from ill-considered actions. If you feel worn out and coming depression, it is a good reason to relax and get away.

Do not treat disregard for his well-being. Remember that nothing is worth your health: no career, no guys. Do not sit at the computer for days - is a sure way to breakdown. If you want to preserve the physical and mental well-being, it is necessary to establish a mode of day. In the evening, plan to paint the next day. Separate really important things from insignificant.

Maintaining a normal life is impossible without oxygen and sunlight. By the way, they are natural antidepressants in humans. It is therefore important for a walk in the fresh air in the daytime. Not by chance, people living in areas where there is a polar night, often fall into melancholy and depression. A too suffers from a lack of oxygen is not only the mood, but also the cells of the whole body, including the brain.

Do not hesitate to cry when you want it, do not keep emotions in themselves. Tears ease your condition, will enable discharged. If you experience bouts of crying, even if unfounded, during menstruation - that's fine. It is proved that the substances contained in tears, female, male signal that is currently not capable of female fertility.

Depression can occur from a lack of nutrients and some vitamins, for example, iodine. Do not sit on a low calorie diet, especially if you are feeling the effects of stress, worry, worry. Eat as much as required by the body, but do not lean on large portions in one sitting. For the prevention of iodine deficiency consume iodized salt, eat fish, seafood, seaweed salad.

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