How to find time for yourself

How to find time for yourself
 In the tense bustle of everyday life it is difficult to find time for a favorite hobby, the implementation of talent, visiting exciting activities, or simply for relaxation and grooming. How can free up precious half hour that you can devote yourself?
 Learn basic time management - sustainable management of time. Within days, minute by minute write down what you were doing. For example, 6:30 - rise, from 6:30 to 7:00 - cooking, from 7:00 to 7:20 - collecting child to kindergarten, etc. Subsequently analyzing these records, you will see what a waste of time can be reduced, it is more convenient to move to another time, what lessons can be combined. Once you put these measures into practice and to optimize your day, you will have free time.

To make it more, try to wake up early. But should go to bed on time, or during the day you will have less energy, which means you have time to do much less than they could.

Do not steal at the time, lingering until late in the office. According to recent studies, people who while away the evening in the workplace are perceived as losers who do not have time to make time. So do not sacrifice privacy interests of the employer.

Cut off and unwanted contacts: do not talk on the phone for hours, not running to the light to casually meet a friend.

It is important to learn to say "no." Others refuse to comply with their requests, if the latter disagree with your interests. Do this with a light heart, not defensively. After all, you are not required to carry out his work for a colleague or friend to accompany the store, every minute of life - great value, to which should be treated accordingly.

Define the time you'll spend on your needs. Inform households and ask them not to bother you. If you want to see some action - carefully prepare for it if want to just soak in the bath and make a face mask, should also be reserved in advance with all necessary.

If you find time for themselves, in spite of everything, does not work, think of helpers. Refer to my mother, sister, friend, so they sat with little kids or make a purchase. In a pinch, you can hire and paid assistant.

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