How to find free time

How to find free time
 You all the time in business, all the time that do not have time, there is no time to do self-development, to do exercises in the morning, start to eat right. And in general often have the feeling that not enough time and effort on the most important thing ... In fact, this situation is not hopeless, and to find "extra" time possible.
 "Find out relations" with pages in social networks, ICQ, e-mail. It seems that their visit is spent very little time. However, if for at least one week you're not forgetting about one visit and the written message (uploaded photos, etc.), it is fair to record time spent on these online resources time, you will be puzzled by the result. All these projects are "stealing" time clock - nothing for half an hour in the morning chatted with a friend in ICQ, the whole dinner corresponded to detect classmates who barely remember, incidentally went to the site of news, weather, put the estimate at the new photos colleagues. And suddenly it turned out that dinner ended an hour and a half ago. And you do not even lunch, and things do not have time. Here is one solution - an effort to determine for themselves a clear time for computer communication (eg, one hour Saturday night before going to bed, etc.).

Choosing appliances or any other electronic devices, consider the possibility of progress. Created a lot of gadgets that are designed to make life easier for its users, freeing them for free time. If we talk about the gadgets for the home, it is, of course, dishwasher, washing machine and drying, the robot vacuum cleaner and many others.

Take adopted some laws of time management. In particular, make a to-do list for the next day. Look closely at all the forthcoming works, set up about the importance of each item - what needs to be done in the first place that the second, etc. The next day, start to perform tasks on the list, moving from the most important thing to the next. Even if not the entire list will be mastered, still be able to make at least two times more than usual.

Make it a habit to get up an hour earlier or stay up an hour later. It's time to devote to only those cases that are usually never enough time - drawing lessons, keeping a diary, reading, needlework, etc.

It is believed that the more a man loads himself with the affairs, the more the body produces energy. To this law to exploit for 1-2 weeks you need to take a very high rate of work, do a lot of things. Two weeks later, the number of cases must be reduced by half. Work in such a rhythm seem happy to immediately find a lot of free time and energy on all sorts of favorite things.

One day a week to do necessarily weekends. This does not mean: "In the output changes, perestirayu, pereglazhu ...". All things in small portions Sunday scatter on weekdays and allow yourself to a real vacation - to sleep as you want, do only what you want. You can go to visit or receive visitors, go for a walk, go skiing or biking, go to a museum or in a swimming pool, aqua park. Every time invent for themselves new and interesting events on the output.

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