8 things for a family picnic: picnic in Italian

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 Family Ties in Italy strictly honored divorce here, just a few decades ago, were very rare thing. Men of this country unquestioningly obey his mother, regardless of their age and doted in children and wives. The latter, in turn, relate to their husbands as to the children: what would they amused themselves ... More than anything, the Italians stand up for true love and strong family ties. This picnic in Italian will help you to manage all eight things.
 The main ingredient should be a picnic Italian food. It includes cheeses (such as mozzarella or Parmesan), cherry tomatoes, eggplant, seafood and so on. It is also easy to prepare and deliver a picnic in Italian in a beautiful house specialty Alpine parts of the country: prosciutto (ham) with melon. If time permits, arrange home-made cakes and cook your own pizza. Think of the possibilities to organize the ice cream, because it is the birthplace of Italy in Europe.

The second necessary thing of eight will be home-made wine. Red, white or pink - you decide. If there was a hitch with wine, use instead Martini - Italian vermouth. You can drink it in its pure form and mixed with soda or juice. This drink will make your picnic more Italian sophistication than wine.

The third thing is to become obligatory your immaculate appearance. Italians appreciate fashion and style, always trying to look like "a brand." Picnic does not mean that it is time to relax and you can go in just about anything. Conversely, if the parents are always eager to look good, then the children will make it a habit.

The clothes stayed clean even in nature, grab a fourth thing - big plaid. If there is any doubt that there is enough land warmed, let plaid wool or be thick enough. Alternatively, it may approach an old quilt.

Picnic in Italian means a trip to the nature of the whole family, including the oldest generation. Grandparents will be hard to sit on a rug or blanket, so be sure to take a folding chair or chaise longue. Old people will be grateful for such care and the opportunity to have fun.

The sixth thing to real Italian phrase book will be a picnic. You can advance to learn a few words and phrases, or to practice their right to a picnic. The principal must be a "thank you", "please", "another piece." These words are easy to remember even a child. For a representative of a strong half of mankind can be found on the Internet several Italian "strong" words.

Of course, we must not forget about the accessories needed for the table. Get a swipe of three colors: green, white and red. Give each full set resembling the Italian flag. Accessories also need for cleanup, so do not forget garbage bags. Italians revere nature and never allow themselves to treat her with negligence.

Picnic involves spending time interesting. Will take care of board games that can unite the whole family. Also for a family picnic in Italian is perfect known "Mafia". Its rules are quite simple to explain and understand in a short time.

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