Where and how to celebrate the New Year 2012

Where and how to celebrate the New Year 2012
 According to the Chinese calendar, 2012 will be the year of Black Water Dragon. In the east, the Dragon is a symbol of good luck, wealth, health, longevity and harmony. It is a sign of the most favorable astronomical celestial influence and power.
 Where to celebrate New Year?

Meet in 2012, it is desirable in the open or in a large room. Go to the country, the central square, a large restaurant or club. If you are a supporter of home feast, after the fight chimes leave the yard. Dragon will be flattered by the attention to his preferences. Regardless of which version of the New Year celebration you choose, remember that it must meet the bright, noisy and fun. Sing, dance, have fun to the fullest.

What New Year's Eve?

Year of Water Dragon to be met in a black dress or outfit, in which there is black. In addition, the Dragon loves red, green and bronze colors. He is not indifferent to things and leather accessories and prints under the snakeskin. Be appropriate sequins, beads and sequins. Prepare refined clothes slim silhouette. If you do not complain tight outfits, wear something simple yet elegant. In no case did not celebrate the New Year in overalls and sportswear. Do not forget to pick up along the graceful shoes. As for jewelry, remember that Dragon prefers gold and other precious metals, bright jewelry. Therefore, the more decorations you have, the better. If you wear only jewelry, baubles products from the yellow metal, and large stones. Be careful with hair, makeup and manicure. Make original packing, bright expressive makeup and manicure in red and golden tones. Complete the image of applying powder with shimmering particles. 

New Year's table in 2012

On the festive table must be an abundance of food. It is desirable that it was all done by hand. Cook the meat, seafood, vegetable dishes. Remember that Dragon loves everything spicy, so be sure to use all sorts of spices and seasonings. If you do not eat spicy food, cook beetroot salad and try to get on your table was, as much as possible treats red and burgundy colors of the products or lay out the silhouette of the Dragon. Good luck for the whole year will be guaranteed. As for the sweet, sweet tooth dragon is not, therefore, in this case, it all depends on your desires and preferences.

How to decorate the house?

Decorate your home with fish, starfish, shells and other accessories. Sea theme is very relevant. Or create the atmosphere of the cave with treasures. Light a lot of candles, gold hang garlands, cover furniture with silver or golden cloth. Put on a festive table figurines Dragon. They take away the trouble and bring good luck.

What to give?

Christmas gifts should be practical. A woman can give a set, set of glasses, household appliances, etc. His girlfriend is better to present a piece of jewelry, men will appreciate money clips in the shape of a dragon, snakeskin purses and other useful accessories. You can donate anything, as long as the gift was necessary. Do not forget to pack a gift in paper with the image of the Dragon.


Spend the outgoing Year of the Rabbit lettuce on the table and fresh herbs. Dragon has nothing against these products. Moreover, according to the act you appease him.

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