New Year in the Orthodox

New Year in the Orthodox
 For Orthodox Christians the New Year - a holiday ambiguous. On the one hand, in the midst of Advent, on the other - the holiday is widely celebrated across the country, and to resist the massive fun is difficult.
 Many believers ask the church almost cathedral permission to celebrate a secular holiday, and with close to no quarrel, and to God not to feel guilt for the deviation from the strict fasting.

In this regard, in the Orthodox community discusses options for postponement of the start of the post a week earlier. Some priests are in favor of an earlier start of Lent, as it will allow the faithful and post observe and note the holiday with family and stay up empty-handed in the New Year's Eve, when the whole country is launching fireworks and leads dance around the Christmas tree.

There are those church leaders who believe the New Year holiday almost demonic: condemned and folk festivals, and gifts, and even the tree. This rejection of the most beloved (especially children) holiday negatively affect primarily at children themselves. What will be the attitude of children towards Orthodoxy, which prohibits the Christmas tree and gifts - it is easy to imagine.

In this situation, a reasonable compromise would be the festival. The main thing is to have everything in moderation. Sin - not the holiday, and the way people used to celebrate it. New Year's Eve you should pronounce the usual prayer, ask God for forgiveness and to forgive their abusers, close congratulate the holiday and even sip a glass of champagne - the joy on the faces of the faithful will be pleasing and acceptable to God.

The faithful can celebrate the secular New Year's in a completely different way. Optional decorated table taboo in post meats - cook something from the church allowed the menu. Gifts for children is awarded not on behalf of Santa Claus, and on behalf of Nicholas. Explain to the children that the garland on the tree symbolizes the star of Bethlehem, caught fire in the sky at the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.

In the festivities and revelry, of course, can not participate, but do not judge others. It is best to go with the whole family on New Year's night prayer service in the church, even a secular holiday can be filled with spiritual meaning. As for children's parties and traditional party at kindergartens and schools, it is better to know in advance what specific programs will be offered to children, whether it unacceptable for the believer moments.

Spend the New Year's holiday with the use of: communicate with your family, bring home affairs in order before Christmas. Most importantly, keep the peace and tranquility of mind.

Remember that time the end of the post - this time of great temptations, especially during secular holidays. More pray, go to church and pray for those who live in sin and violates God's commandments.

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