How to properly and simply select the desired gifts

How to properly and simply select the desired gifts
 Choose the right gift - is an art that needs to learn, because it is manifested in the internal culture of man. Therefore, when choosing a gift you need to consider many aspects, so as not to be trapped.

Gift should be chosen depending on who he is - a friend, relative, colleague or girlfriend.
Also take into account the age of the person to whom the gift is yours, as gift, not in accordance with his years, and you can offend people. For example, a young woman may offend, if you give her anti-wrinkle cream, and embarrass the elderly person if hand him some orange tie. It is necessary to take into account the age of the children when choosing gifts. Suitable for small children educational games. For older kids, you can buy books, dolls, cars, small animals. When choosing gifts for adolescents to better focus on their hobbies.
Plays an important role and value of the gift. Do not give an expensive gift to people who obviously will not be able to answer you the same and will feel uncomfortable. Also, if you give too cheap or trifling gift, thus will demonstrate their contempt for the gifts to your or excessive frugality.
If you decide to give the animal, the better to discuss this idea with the birthday. Otherwise, your a present can affect the way of life of who is awarded a "living" gift, also can be the subject of conflict.
Give money in rare cases, such as young people to the wedding. But better try to buy a gift, because, despite its undoubted benefits, money in certain cases may be inappropriate and point out the lack of imagination in the donor.
Life is worth careful with offerings comic character, otherwise you may offend someone.
Necessarily nice and original Design your show. This can life and colorful paper with colored ribbon and a beautiful box. Remember that plastic bags are not packed. The collective gift card you need to invest, where you can leave your signature. Before packaging, be sure to check whether there was there a check or price tag.

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