How to make a wedding garter

How to make a wedding garter
 Garter has long been a compulsory subject of women's underwear - with their help, ladies stockings were fixed on the thigh. Today they have been replaced sewn elastics and special belt with clips, but the attire of the bride, this item shall remain binding.

Obmerte hip width on the spot to which you want to wear a garter. Turn down 1-2 cm., Given that the gum is still stretched to the required length.

Cut gum desired length.

Take the tape widest lace. Lace need to move away from a point just above the middle of the width of the gum. Pin them at a distance of 5 mm. from the edge of the pin and gum, making uniform assembly, walk across the gum. Pinned to the base assembly. Cut the tape, when you reach the edge of the gum (leave 5 mm. From the edge).

The next strip of lace (the same can be) position lace "overlap" in the opposite direction. Just pin the pins. Pin has two or three strips of lace, gradually narrowing the width for each of the two series.

Sew the lace by hand or on a typewriter elastic seam, leaving small gaps on site assembly. When you wear a garter, gum stretched in these places.

Sew several artificial pearls and beads in the form of petals and just hanging strips.

Fold the edge of the gum hem. Then connect the seam "over the edge". Try. Garter ready.

If you wish, you can sew lace not in two opposite directions, and in one. In this case also sew strips of lace in the order of decreasing width, so that each series was seen. But you can discard this rule, in this case, some strips will not be visible, but the whole garter acquire greater volume.

As an additional decorations can use sequins and rhinestones. While the former can simply sew using the appropriate color beads or seam "couched stitch technique", the latter are attached with special glue. Use the crystals of different sizes and colors, including pearl, to create drawings and ornaments.

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