How to celebrate New Year without consequences for the figure

How to celebrate New Year without consequences for the figure
 New Year's Eve is difficult to imagine without the traditional feast - there are many accepted, calorie, meals periodically diluting portions of alcohol, and so it is difficult to stop when on the table an incredible abundance of delicacies. Result - indigestion, overeating and extra pounds.
 Try not to overeat. To do this before you sit down, drink a glass of pure water - you reduce the free volume of the gastric mucosa and prepare to digest food. A few hours before the feast, eat a bowl of soup or drink chicken broth. New Year's Eve all eat a lot - try to stick to the usual amounts of food. Instead of salads with fat mayonnaise dressing put on his plate Assorted fresh vegetables - Christmas dishes for a long time standing in a room with a room temperature, so the calorie salads products quickly lose freshness, creating a breeding ground for bacteria.

Think carefully about the menu - steamed vegetables, roasted meat or fish, fresh salads, plenty of fruits are also considered delicious and do not contain a lot of calories. And on the preparation of this table it will take less time and money.

Be careful with alcohol - remember how bad happens in the morning. In addition, alcohol fueled appetite so you eat more than you planned. Limit yourself to a traditional glass of champagne and a small amount of good wine.

Before the New Year celebrations consider how to make sure that you are not very tired and not hungry. Make all the necessary pre - buy products, gifts, visit the beauty salon. Once at the banquet table, keep cool - if you find it hard to resist the delicious dishes, put on your plate on a small portion of all that you want to try. Best to eat meat with vegetables and pickled from snacks and should be discarded altogether, since they impede digestion. Cakes replace the sweet fruits that are always there on any New Year's table.

Stand up from the table to move, dance, participate in contests. Take an active part in all the fun, meet new people, help clear the table. Always settle for an invitation to walk on the frosty air, run firecrackers, watch fireworks.

After New Year's Eve help your body - drink plenty of fluids (herbal teas, unsweetened drinks, pure water).

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