Forum: "The final line" under the single life

Forum: "The final line" under the single life
 By stag everybody has been accustomed to, they do not seem so unusual, every guy in my life attended at least one such party. But hen parties have gained popularity recently. So, what is a modern feminine festival in honor of his "bachelor" life?

Hen parties suggest different activities in the company of friends without their boyfriends before the wedding of one of them. It's like a farewell to their freedom, the last time I allowed to behave as we have not accepted then married lady.

Back in the old days the bride and groom spent the evening before the wedding separately. The groom stayed with his friends, and the bride carried a sad evening with relatives and friends.

Today, things have changed. The bride has the opportunity to have some fun on the soul. She invites her friends, and they are plenty fun, taking leave of their own free carefree girlfriend.

By hen parties, as well as the wedding itself, you need to prepare in advance. Now, many companies offer the organization and conduct of different options to suit your taste and budget.

If you decide to organize themselves these festive gatherings, then make sure that they have been possible veselee.Snachala Consider a circle of girlfriends, whom you invite. Keep in mind, this should only be the closest to all your antics that evening remain among you.

The second necessary moment - this agreement with her future husband. Of course, you do not tell him all the secrets of the alleged pm, but get their approval still stands. Not to start married life with utaek and deception. Besides, he may have to pay all your girlish mischief. And then you can turn around, as your heart desires.

You can invite friends to the sauna and there, in a purely female company, plenty warm up, gossip and good rest before the wedding chores.

You can order a picnic with barbecue, music, dressing up in various impure and swimming in the lake. Just be sure to think over to you at the end of festivities brought home to book in advance transport. Otherwise, in the morning, due to mosquito bites, from the beautiful fairies you really turn into a fagot and sprites. You can also invite girlfriends in a cafe or nightclub. Where in the cheerful company of an evening of champagne and dancing.

And probably the most original way to celebrate the end of "bachelor" life - organize this evening and invite stripper that will brighten up your leisure bright performance and make girls' hearts flutter.
Whatever the bachelorette party you are not organized, most importantly, good enough to have fun, so that even after many years of marriage, you are remembered with a smile this evening.

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