Choosing Christmas gifts: how to get "the apple"

Choosing Christmas gifts: how to get "the apple"
 New Year - a holiday, to prepare for that many start since the autumn months. The process of selecting gifts and discussing the menu, thinking through clothes - all of which help create a festive atmosphere in advance, to cheer up and gain strength for a multi-day celebration. And like not only to enjoy himself, but also to please loved ones, give them what I dreamed, New Year's Eve to turn into a fairy tale. You can do it, and as it turns out, even easy!

What you need to become a New Year's witches and wizards? Just three simple components, and all your Christmas gifts fall into the "bull's-eye"! So here's the formula right gift: care, good mood and desire.

Mindfulness - the most difficult of the claimed elements. As soon as the time comes to New Year's, transformed from ordinary people in spies. Get ready to listen carefully to what they say the people around you, any desire to express, what they dream. But this can not be limited. Suppose you hear that your close friend since childhood dream to have a great dog, and rushed to buy it. Is this a good decision? No. It is likely that at this stage of life she can not afford to keep the animal. And besides that, your pet is better to choose their own.

Thus, mindfulness involves also a thorough analysis of the appropriateness of a gift. It is not necessary to give candy with diabetes or the dieter, even if he is constantly dreaming about them. Also best avoided and functional things - toasters or, for example, iron. Do not rush: there is still time to gather several versions of possible gifts and choose the best. Guideline should serve not only relevant, but also surprise. The most fabulous is that thing, which was mentioned as if in passing, very quietly: this is how people usually talk about something really desired, but as it seems unattainable.

The second element of the formula - in a good mood. Only in alliance with positive emotions you can pick up a New Year gift and get "the bull's eye." Have to leave the house all the negative experiences and their satellites - fatigue, lack of energy, and others. And it was not that in a bad mood, you will subconsciously try to reduce the time available for shopping, or do not notice any deficiencies. Things got in the company of negative emotional background, save it, and will not bring good luck and happiness to bestow. Even during the presentation of gifts when you see him, think about their experiences, and the festive atmosphere will be marred by the flood of sad thoughts.

What can we say about desire? It is closely associated with a good mood. However, a positive attitude is not enough. Highlight special day, when you go for gifts. But do not avoid and spontaneous shopping. Choosing gifts abhors rules and constraints, it is only possible if you want to engage in this process. And only then will your New Year's gift for the soul and fastidious little sister, and grouchy, but beloved husband and a doting mother, and all the many relatives and friends.

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