Yoga at home

Yoga at home
 Many women, especially those with children, are not able to go to specialized yoga classes. In this case, you can practice at home. Here are a few poses.
 Pose staff uses the psoas muscles of the pelvis, as well as the inside of the thighs. Sit on the floor and straighten; do not need to be too tight. Stretch your legs in front of him, pinch them together. Directional forward fingers, if it does not cause discomfort, must lie on the floor slightly behind the hips. A little push on the fingers, if you stretch the chest and spine. Stronger drag up, keeping your feet pressed to the floor.

Pose boats will allow you to strengthen and stretch the spine. Legs may be slightly bent at the knees, if you can not keep them perfectly straight. To get started, take a pose staff, then lift the leg up, trying to bend your knees to your chest. If you keep the balance can not, hold the legs. Lean back slightly, remaining in that position and pulling up the spine. When you can increase the load, pull out his hands and straighten your legs.

Next posture - posture boats 2. It will strengthen the upper abdominals. Getting up in the boat pose, lower legs and upper body down to his feet quite a bit does not reach the floor. In this position, stay until you feel discomfort.

Pose the overturned boat made from the previous one. Take the right hands, hips and feet - to the left. Take a few deep breaths (5 would be enough). Repeat the movement in the opposite direction.

Pose cicadas strengthen central back muscles. Lie on your stomach, arms and legs straighten. Keep feet together, with the arms should be parallel to the ears and forehead - to be directed to the floor. Lifting the upper torso, pull your hands and lift your feet off the floor, raising them to the maximum height. The main thing - the legs should not just pick up and stretch. Next, return to starting position.

Preparatory camel pose strengthens the muscles of the hips, stretches them. Kneel, extend hands forward, torso leaning back as far as you can. However, the discomfort you feel should not be. Keeping the relaxed state, pull up the spine.

The main camel pose strengthens the back muscles. Thanks to it, you can make your spine more flexible and to avoid abuses. The starting position is a preparatory pose a camel. Put on your lower back palm, lean back as far as possible. Discomfort, again, you do not have experience.

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