Yoga and Nutrition

Yoga and Nutrition
 Yoga - not a course prescribed by your doctor. And it is not strictly painted a system of exercises under the supervision of a personal trainer. For someone yoga - just charge, for others - a way of life. There are no strict rules and commandments. But there's recommendations.
 First of all, yoga - a system aimed at the improvement of the body. Therefore, proper nutrition as a component of a healthy lifestyle, yoga has also been given a lot of attention. There are many varieties of this ancient doctrine, in which you can meet different requirements for food, but for the most part, they are advisory in nature.

Coaches yoga will not make you go on a diet. You are free to eat as yourself wish. But people who are actively practicing yoga, deep into its philosophy, which often leads to a radical change in lifestyle. This also applies to food. Many fans of this doctrine gradually give up eating meat and become a vegetarian, raw food diet is often practiced. However, the choice is always individual. The birthplace of such practices - East, with its specific culture, climate, etc. And if you decide one day to completely revise your diet for the "Western" of the body it will be a serious stress.

According to the ancient Vedas (the doctrine, which is based yoga), the food a person needs to restore its cells. Energy as it takes for the most part of the products, and the so-called prana, that is, the air and all that is around. Therefore, adjusting the body in a certain way, yoga can reduce food intake to a minimum. There are stories about wizards that dispense altogether without food. In any case, this requires a complex preparation of the body. In yoga, it does not matter what you eat, and what you eat. East culture knows no such culinary delights designed to meet the needs of gourmets, as is common in the West.

Kitchen Yogi - an abundance of vegetables and fruits, cereals, spices. Food should be the maximum natural, without additives, flavorings. It is because of such food a person can get the vital energy. Furthermore, the usefulness of the food from the viewpoint of yoga decreases its thermal treatment. Indian supporters of the meat is advised to give up, as well as from animal products. According to their doctrine, animal food contributes to the development of aggression in man. In addition, the structure of the digestive system, teeth suggests a closer approximation to a human herbivorous species. Meat and dairy products are harder digested and quickly wear out the body. However, the use of a particular food - not just a habit. It may be dictated by genetic predisposition, lifestyle, culture, etc. Therefore, change your diet gradually, watching the reaction of the organism.

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