Wonders of Qigong

Wonders of Qigong
 Qigong sport will not name. Rather, it is Eastern philosophy, a way to understand yourself, bring harmony to your body and become invincible in battle, to hear the inner voice. The Chinese word "Qigong" encompasses two concepts: "Qi" - the soul, the energy "modes" - action. Qigong practice is able to develop in people new opportunities and to protect it from disease. What else is able to create miracles of qigong, consider further.

Doctrine Qigong has several stages, concluding overcoming certain stages. Qigong classes are available to representatives of any age, be it a child or seventy seven year old pensioner. The first stage of qigong help students control the release of emotions, develop hemisphere heads responsible for creativity. Student will be able to feel and to pass through the energy of the surroundings and discover the reserves of the organism.

Qigong as a form of martial art, is fraught with techniques that cause paralyze the enemy. Pupils learn pressure points on the human body, which stifle traffic light touch, etc.

In the middle of teaching qigong practice, given the possibility of opening the third eye. Students close encounter with such phenomena as telepathy, etc. ekstrosensorika

By the end of training Qigong classes are held individually with the teacher or master. Trainee will learn to understand and feel the plants and animals. He will be able to see other civilizations.

Of course, to master the philosophy of qigong will take many years. And the ability to adjust the exercises to perfection will take more than a decade. The peculiarity lies in the fact that during training, in the early stages, psychological and physiological state of a person is normalized, you change the values ​​and norms that will come a new understanding of life.

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