It's hard to be a yogi

 Madonna in an interview, dedicated to his ... ahem ... next birthday told the secret of wellbeing and stunning appearance - yoga. Gwyneth Paltrow says that yoga helps her be a mother and beautiful at the same time, Meg Ryan can not imagine their existence without meditation ... Valeria ... Mikhail Zadornov. The list goes on ...

What is Yoga - fashion craze from the East or holistic worldview system? How useful is the passion of our residents latitudes? Will the lives of all of us, or all goes as snow in May, and potatoes, bacon and bagels will?

Himselfthe term Yoga (in Sanskrit - communication, togetherness, concentration, effort) in the most general sense, means the doctrine and method of controlling the human psyche and psychophysiology in order to achieve higher mental states.

History of origin Yoga has its roots in antiquity. 2500-2000 gg BC in India, a system of philosophical thought. It is based on three pillars: the Vedas (ancient religious texts), Brahman (explanation to these texts) and the Upanishads (analytical treatises). It is with respect to these texts and shared philosophical schools of Ancient India: recognize the authority of the Vedas (orthodox or astika) - Sankhya, Mimamsa, Vedanta, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, yoga and do not recognize (nastika) - Charvaka-lokayata.

The basic principles and theory of yoga outlined in the fundamental work "Yoga Sutra", the author - Patanjali (II century. BC. E - II VN eh?). Although there is a version that the true doctrine of Yoga originated much earlier and created the sage Yajnavalkya, the author of the famous religious texts that have prepared the world for the preaching of the Buddha, and Patanjali systematized ancient knowledge and clothed him in accessible to the masses literary form.

Whatever it was, the theory and practice of "Yoga Sutras" fully withstood the test of time and has earned the right to be called the classical yoga.

The history of modern yoga began with the Chicago Parliament of Religions in 1893, where the American public was impressed by Yogi Swami Vivekananda, the spiritual leader and social activist in India.

After some time, yoga has become one of the most popular systems of physical culture and a means of self-improvement. In Slavic countries yoga came from America and Western Europe.

Philosophical ideas Yoga is based on the harmony of body and soul, the interdependence of internal and external. Meaning knowledge of these truths - in constant self-improvement through a better person in his inner world.

In the practice of yoga for the development and improvement need to pass eight steps:

1. Yama - the curb, abstinence, is the refusal to harm someone else's life, from falsehood, theft, adultery and greed;
2. Niyama - ethical culture, education is good habits;
3. Asana - a discipline of the body is achieved by means of physical training;
4. Pranayama - regulation of breathing with the help of special breathing practices;
5. Pratyahara - sensory isolation, ie separation of the senses and their objects;
6. Dharana - focusing on what some objects, such as the tip of the nose, the moon, the navel, and so on. Etc .;
7. Dhyana - meditation, stems from the concentration;
8. Samadhi - concentration, ie, a condition in which the contemplative consciousness is lost meditative object and the object is no longer conscious of itself.

There are many forms of yoga: yoga of action (karma yoga), yoga, faith and worship (bhakti yoga), yoga of knowledge (jnana yoga), yoga breathing orderly and correct postures (hatha yoga), yoga awakening energy in the spine (laya -yoga), the correct use of sounds and words (mantra yoga), yoga, meditation and contemplation (Raja Yoga), etc.

Yoga and modernity. So, yoga - the ancient philosophy and methods of cultivation, art beautiful, useful and ... complicated. She is credited with miraculous properties and opportunities, the number of enthusiastic fans of yoga is increasing day by day, but always a little "but": yoga - part of an alien culture, and the abundance of obscure oriental terms deter any enthusiast-European.

So what is yoga for the modern, concerned over the career and life of the flight, the inhabitants of the metropolis? By and large, we are not able to penetrate deep into the ancient teachings (mentality, you know?. ), But can use some fragments of Indian wisdom to live in peace with your body and mind. Here yoga and. "Mutated" somewhat simplified and adapted to the pace and the problems surrounding reality. European Yoga keeps the principles of yoga East, including eight stages of development. Imbued with the spirit of the European utilitarianism deprived of their metaphysical foundations, they purposefully human exposure to abide by them, and with due consideration and patience lay the foundations for a full life. Therefore, yoga - this is the best method of conscious and harmonious. self-love, anti-stress and moral garbage that so many around us, the ability to quietly enjoy a moment of peace. Regular practice of yogic exercises teach self-control, self-confidence will return, give flexibility to the mind and body will reward good posture and a healthy complexion. We can say that yoga is for you and me - is a form of fitness with a nice bonus - relaxation and harmony.

How, when and where? Start doing yoga is not too late and never too early. Yes, in the classroom feel comfortable and long-lived, and grudnichki. Restrictions on height and weight is not, by disease - too. Through yoga, you can get rid of extra pounds, and from two or three annoying sores. One more thing - these changes will not be lightning, to achieve positive results have to work long and hard. Although it's worth it: pounds gone, not to return, and chronic illnesses are concerned less and less.

In order to give yoga, do not need expensive equipment - just a smooth floor and carpet. But this does not mean that you can deal with, anywhere: exercises require complete dedication and concentration.

Therefore, choosing a club, first of all, please note:
- At the hall - it should be soundproofed (in such a delicate matter, as meditation, consciousness can not be distracted by talking behind the wall), decorated in soft, relaxing shades (Rimbaud and Schwarzenegger posters on the walls to anything), flooring - preferably made of natural materials ;

- On the coach (you can call it the Great Teacher, or the embodiment of the Spirit of the Universe, it is as you like). It is clear that the fat man with shortness of breath, swollen veins, cigarette and without vocabulary should instill a sense of healthy suspicion. At the same time, young pitching more often strippers, not yogis. We must understand that people go to school to find themselves, and not to admire the muscled coach, so wiry man with clear eyes and beautiful skin - is the one who can be trusted with their spiritual development;

 - On clothes (it - sports uniforms). No special "yogic" form does not exist, although, of course, if you like to engage in a turban and a loincloth, it is unlikely someone will interfere. Standard requirements for clothing - comfortable, does not restrict movement, preferably made of natural fabrics, and so ... it all depends on personal preference;

- Neighbors on the mat. By and large it look like patrons of the club - the future of every beginner. That's out of it and have to do all the conclusions and forecasts.

And by the way, yoga provides savings sparse finances. After completing the course, each is quite able to continue at home, without having to visit the club.

And finally, the bike of life: the author of this study with the help of a rather clumsy (excuse me, as I could) yoga exercises in six months broke up with two sizes and are allergic to everything stopped hating attendants at the entrance and reconciled with her ex-husband.

So that our lives and our because that is in our hands!

Author: Natalia Rudenko

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