How to choose a yoga mat

How to choose a yoga mat
 Yoga mat - a necessary attribute for employment. Without it difficult to properly perform the asanas and truly surrender to practice. It is important to make the right choices to the mat instead of being stretched leg is well fixed and is buried in the exercises.
 Properly selected yoga mat or yogamat allows good fix hands and feet. It also serves as a support when the soft keys inverted.

Qualitative mat distinguishes its ability to maintain shape for a long time. This is due to the reinforcement. Thin but strong threads form a strong skeleton inside the material. This feature can boast only expensive German yogamaty of high quality materials. Reinforced mat will last much longer than their normal counterpart. For greater importance should be noted that a product made from environmentally friendly materials, as well distinguishes good wear resistance. In addition, yogamaty from natural materials perfectly absorb sweat, which is involved in many stands during classes in large quantities. This reduces slippage. This problem also eliminates fine coating of soft fibers.

Choosing a rug should pay attention to the length and width. Length should be calculated using the formula: height person + 10 cm. But the width can be standard - 60 cm.

Yogamata thickness may be different. Ideally, the mats needed two types - thin and more dense. Slim - from 2.5 mm to 4 mm - perfectly suited for standing poses, since it does not spring. In addition, it is easy to take with you on a journey from the small weight. The mat thickness 4 mm to 7 mm, more weighty, but indispensable when performing horizontal postures. Dense mat - a great assistant in the performance of poses on uneven surfaces and protection against the cold floor during prolonged meditation.

Last but not least, it looks like carpet appearance. Should beware of screaming colors. It will be a distraction, as a practitioner, and "our colleagues."

The shape of the rug is also important. Better if it will be a classic symmetrical rectangular shape. There branded yogamaty who performed with a beveled edge. On this rug is difficult to perform the asanas, because they have to do if an angle.

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