Terms of self-defense for women

Terms of self-defense for women
 Certainly not every person knows that only 10% of dangerous situations for self-defense he may need physical strength, and 90% - to save their lives and health by simply observing certain rules.

Terms of self-defense for women are slightly different from those that can benefit men, because women are weaker, but at the same time have a number of other qualities, which may come to their rescue.

1. Be bold. Newbie asks for help, but you have something alarming in his appearance and manner of communication, you seem suspicious of his actions, do not be afraid - you have nothing to anybody explain. Apologizing, boldly answer that you have no time and continue its movement.

2. Be vigilant. As a rule, bandits and criminals attack only those girls and women who seem to them inattentive, distracted, unprotected, ie those who like to talk on the phone in the street, forgetting everything else, women, falling asleep on the subway or bus, or those who are passionate new iPad, or writing an SMS. Attack such people quite easily. Try to always be vigilant, do not be distracted by little things look suspicious passers straight in the eye, thereby creating a promise that you - a serious man, and brave.

3. do not appear unaccompanied late at night on the street. Remember, innocent quest for money in the nearest ATM at night can turn into trouble. Wait until the morning, as the attackers for their acts in most cases prefer to choose a later time. Do not tempt fate.

4. Be careful when making correspondence on the Internet. Do not place your personal passport details, including phone number and address, on dating sites or social networks.

5. Do not perechte robber. If you happen to get into a situation where you need a handbag, jewelry or money - give them, do not resist. All of these things - can be acquired, but another life can not be bought.

6. Use as a protection means available. Sensing the attack, take in hand any thing that will help you to resist. This may be a pencil, and spray, and keys, and gas aerosol spray, and many other things that should strike quickly and accurately. Do not let the robber knew it. Beat strongly and confidently and immediately run away. Do not be a passive victim, bragging about the incident to the police, help in the investigation.

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