Run always, run everywhere

Run always, run everywhere
 It is difficult to find an easier way to fix your health and appearance than jogging. The peak of popularity came jogging on the eighties, while in the parks and on the streets you could see a lot of runners of all ages. It was at that time in the country to organize a large number of clubs runners. Now ladies aspiring to beauty and health, prefer to spend time in gyms. And in vain, because the race has its undeniable advantages.

Jogging allows you to work out all the muscle groups of the human body. Correct technique is intended to include the work of even those muscles that are inactive in normal life.

While running, accelerates metabolism, it helps to not only get rid of the fat tissue, but also the removal of toxins and harmful substances accumulated in the body due to malnutrition, and poor environmental conditions.

Running is better to choose squares and parks. In this case, the body's cells get stressed dose of fresh air. Lungs begin to operate at full capacity. And it was the oxygen starvation of cells is the cause of premature aging and destruction.

Strong lung function and cardiovascular system provides an additional inflow of oxygen enriched blood to the brain cells. It improves brain activity. Increases the rate of memorization, improving response and perception of visual images

Running in the fresh air contributes to the overall hardening of the whole organism, increases immunity, decreases sensitivity to pathogens.

Running is the best way to reduce the amount of fat tissue in the body. Without cardio is impossible to achieve any relief press or tighten the buttocks.

The main work is done while jogging leg muscles. Uniform and dynamic impact load, increases blood flow to the epidermis thighs and buttocks, cellulite will tell you why, "goodbye" faster than any other sports activities.

Many girls dream to get rid of too full of calves. This cosmetic defect is most often caused by a large amount of fast-twitch muscle fibers in this part of the body. It was a long run in the middle or a slow pace on a flat surface helps reduce the number of fast muscle and increase the number of slow. Slow muscle responsible for endurance and have a much smaller volume. To dry the calf muscles, you will have to pay a leisurely jogs a couple of hours every day, but it is one of the very few ways to get shapely calves.

Jogging is available to girls with any physical training. Even completely untrained fatty can go for a run and paid 15 minutes running at a slow pace. Together with a gradual increase in exercise time and will accelerate weight loss. The main thing is not to start too frisky.

To jog, do not need special shells and special equipment. The most necessary thing - good quality sneakers. The rest of the clothes should be comfortable and highly breathable. Trees in the park it does not matter how fashionable you are wearing a tracksuit.

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