Pros and cons of Bodyflex

Pros and cons of Bodyflex
 With the help of simple exercises women around the world lose those extra pounds and hated fat. Bodyflex akin to yoga classes. According to its creator, without exception, can engage Bodyflex enjoying the result.
 Bodyflex - a new word in the world of fitness. However, as with any complex exercises in Bodyflex has both pluses and minuses. Among its positive aspects are the following:

1. On the classes breathing exercises do not need to spend a lot of time. Enough to devote only 15 minutes a day - and the result will not take long.

2. Bodyflex does not involve serious dietary restrictions. Enough to balance your diet and stick to it permanently.

3. Classes do not require great physical effort. This static load and stretching exercises. Run them simply. Furthermore, no need to increase the load.

4. quick results. After weeks of classes can be seen as the extra pounds disappear.

5. There is an active oxygen saturation of the body that activates the metabolism.

"Minus" is somewhat less, but they need to pay more attention, because it is important to still not lose weight, and maintain their health.

The main drawback Bodyflex - it can not throw. Have to engage in lifelong learning. This type of gymnastics is only effective for people who are really suffering from the extra pounds. If your weight is normal, and the muscles are trained, do not even try to start breathing exercises - no effect.

Doctors recommend cautious about breathing exercises Bodyflex - may experience sharp headaches, and sometimes even fainting. People with high blood pressure and is not recommended for such classes.

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