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 New types of fitness appear every week and many of them come from America, and if it bears the seal of quality "checked Hollywood", the success it guaranteed in advance.

Budokon - A new kind of fitness and, according to its founder, the whole philosophy of life and movement, which not only deal with an epidemic of celebrity, but in fact he was born in the tinsel town. As they say, everything is new - is well forgotten old, andBudokon anew combines millenary traditions yoga martial arts and meditation.

Modern fitness evolved to a higher level of development, and the desire to have the perfect figure joined the pursuit of spiritual balance and harmony with the environment and the inner world. It is an acute shortage of the latter suffer many stars Hollywood: life under the gaze of fans and paparazzi frequently leads to nervous breakdowns and mental exhaustion. No wonder asbudokon Hollywood has appeared it. Ardent fan of the new technique is Jennifer Aniston, and is recognized by other followers, and among them are many successful actors, models and athletes budokon changed their lives.Budokon - Is not religion, and its aim is not enlightenment, rather, it is an art of life or art of living, to put it simply - integral form of fitness room.

Based method was in 2000. Cameron Shayne, who has long worked as a bodyguard and personal trainer of many Hollywood stars. He come to Budokon via own experience. In Japanese Bu-Do-Kon is "the way of the spiritual warrior". At age 12, Cameron seriously got carried away Korean arts, at first it was Moo Duk Kwan, and then Taekwondo at the Olympic level. Subsequently joined Karate (Shane the owner of the Black Belt) and Jiu-Jitsu. Martial Art he helped find his body and to master techniques of movement. A real revolution in his life was the opening of yoga (at age 21) - Hatha Yoga classes helped to grasp the essence of the internal energy. An idea to combine knowledge gained in the field of martial arts and yoga originated not immediately. More than 10 years Shane worked closely with Hollywood stars. He would bodyguard Charlie Sheen and Sean Penn, as well as a personal fitness trainer and a teacher of Hatha Yoga for Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Meg Ryan. In addition, he assisted in the choreography and stunts for the Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in both parts of film "Rush Hour".

Budokon was founded in 2000, today it has thousands of followers in America, the UK and Japan and gradually sneaking into continental Europe, including in Russia. Unlike the usual fitness follower Budokon is not seeking any particular purpose (to lose a few pounds, improve muscle tone, etc.), and learns the art of life through movement. Says "father" Budokon, "Our movements reflect our thinking. Our thinking reflects our way of life. Our way of life reflects the world we are creating. Consequently, the way we move, influence and always will affect our way of life" . The essence of our composed of four "bodies": emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual, and only referring to all aspects, can create the healthy body and spirit.

Sport budokon consist of two parts - the physical parts and Zen meditation. Physical exercises are based on a combination of ancient and modern forms of yoga and martial arts. All equipment Budokon aimed at research body motion in its various aspects. In class pays equal attention to speed, strength, an equilibrium, lightness and fluidity of movement. Exercises are divided into two series: yoga and Budo that smoothly into each other and depend on each other. In much of the yogic noticeable impact ashtanga yoga, and Iyengar, which focus attention on control, calmness, strength and precision movement. Series Budo performed standing, individually or in a group, and combines elements of Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo. This part aims at developing quickness, strength, dexterity, of smoothness, and density. Ending occupation Zen sitting meditation.

BBudokon you can not do something right or wrong. Master only guides and shows Technical aspects exercises. Trainee decides what best for him. As he says Shane Cameron: "Trust yourself! You know your body is better than anyone else. Do not look for the answers around - just look at yourself." In other words: do not try to outdo anyone else, but only yourself. In Budokon has a philosophy that incorporates elements of Zen Buddhism and Chinese Taoism (the concept of Yin and Yang). In addition, budokon recommends switching to a vegetarian diet, which is based on vegetables with limited use of cereals and fruits. Advised to also replace regular sugar natural sweeteners: Honey and maple syrup.

Althoughbudokon / appeared in Hollywood, its creator claims that ordinary people are much easier to deal with them, because real people have a clearer picture of the world, and the famous harder to get rid of your ego. Among loyal 'student "the Cameron Shane - Jennifer Aniston Ren Rousseau David Arquette Ambert Valette and many more celebrity. Hard to believe that the "stars" of Hollywood abandoned their ambitions, but improvements in the physical plane, and there, as evidenced by most of them, they have never felt so good. That's the new slides over the domestic fitness centers. Anyone who wants to get acquainted with budokon before others can order DVD-course through online shopping, maybe you will be able to find the path of their spiritual warrior.

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