Gymnastics for its two

Gymnastics for its two
 Beautiful female legs - a reason for pride, admiration and attention of the opposite sex. But they also deliver a lot of frustration and because body fat so easily deposited in this area, and leg muscles lose their tone quickly. Strengthen them and improve the shape of the legs can be at home, doing special exercises.

Exercises that strengthen the muscles of the legs

For pronounced effect takes at least three times a week and finish the exercises easy self-massage the feet.

1. Lean hand on the back of a chair, stand on the toes of the right foot, left, take aside. Hold this position for a few seconds, repeat right foot.

2. Stand up straight, bend one leg at the knee, set aside a second ago. Watch the posture, the back should be straight. Lunged foot forward, hold this position, perform a deep squat.
Do the exercises alternately on one leg, then the second.

3. Stand up straight with your legs wide, bent at the elbows Get behind your head. Slowly, with a voltage perform squats.

4. Lying on your stomach, stretch your arms along the body, legs straight. Raise your right leg, pull it up, stay in the upper point three seconds. Return to starting position, repeat the exercise for the left leg.

5. Stand with your feet together, hands push to the body. Raise your right leg forward and upward, bending the knee at a right angle, arms outstretched to the sides, bent at the elbow at a right angle. The same foot lunge back, push hands to the body. Repeat with the other leg.

6. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, hands behind his head rewound. Lunged leg toward the second leg remains straight. Repeat for the other leg.

Each exercise is performed in two sets of twenty repetitions. Such exercises trains the muscles of the legs, strengthens the buttocks, regular exercise brings your legs to perfection.

Exercises for shapely legs

1. Lie on your back, alternately bend and unbend legs at the ankle, knee and hip joints.
Sitting on the floor, turn inward and outward direct socks feet.

2. Lying on his stomach, alternately bend and unbend legs at the knee joints, trying to touch the buttocks heels.

3. Stand up straight, lean hands on the back of the chair, rise on toes. Hold at the top for a few seconds, slowly return to their original position.

4. Lying on the floor, lift your legs bent at the knees. Simulate movement as riding a bicycle. Do not lift his legs high, do the exercise slowly and with stress.

Exercise relieves stress on your leg muscles

Perform these exercises every day for ten minutes, it helps to relieve fatigue and tension in the muscles of the legs, give ease your gait.

1. Lift the toes various objects from the floor for five minutes.

2. Walk around the room one by one on their toes, heels, outer and inner sides of the foot.

3. clenched and unclenched his toes for a few minutes.

4. Sitting on a chair, legs feet turn inward, with the voltage press them together. Relax your muscles. Repeat several times.

5. rolls feet smooth stick, grab her toes. Hold this position for a few seconds, release it.

Do gymnastics for feet regularly, and soon your slender legs again will cause only admiration, delight you with health and beauty.

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