Female boxer: Pros and Cons

Female boxer: Pros and Cons
 Cute and sweet, strong and fearless, touching and naive, smart and savvy, modern women are gradually being developed in men's sports. Boxing they do for a long time, but emerged from the underground only in 1988, when Sweden held its first competition in this discipline. In 2009, the Olympic Committee has included women's boxing in the program of the London Games. In Russia, the first championship for women was held in 1999.
 According to research psychologists out that girls are boxing for three reasons. First, a large income. Women's boxing - a highly paid sport. Some refer to it as a spectacular show. The second is an attempt to distract from emotional pain with the help of physical pain. Third, learn to control emotions pour out energy and aggression in the right direction.

Women's fights have been known since ancient times. In the Roman Empire and arranged competitions female gladiators, who were more bloody and violent than fighting men. Such spectacles were held in other places and at other times, but mostly in boxing were women from the lower strata of society. It was just a way to earn money for food.

In today's world, society was divided into those who do not accept women's boxing, and those who do not see in this sport is nothing reprehensible. Doctors, sexologists and psychologists say that the bodies of the two sexes are arranged in different ways, so you can not injure the girls, because the possible serious damage to fertility.

Not only that danger lurks athletes, but also purely aesthetic problems such as broken and deformed ears, noses, lips. Yes, and permanent bruises, bruises and abrasions do not add to the attractiveness. Blows to the head result in bleeding in the brain, which are fraught with irreversible consequences.

Many men do not like women who are stronger than themselves, they feel like heroes and defenders. To this end, a number of them should be "Turgenev's girl", weak, delicate and vulnerable.

On the other hand there is no denying that boxing - a "smart" a sport that requires athletes mathematical calculation and logical thinking. During training, you can escape from everyday thoughts. Head switches to another kind of activity, and the tension goes away, at such moments you can think quickly and to find answers to complex questions.

Another significant plus lessons in boxing - it's slim elastic, toned body. Training involve almost all muscle groups, and your figure becomes harmonious. You do not have to engage in professional boxing, you can not even take the time to visit the gym, because the punching bag and mannequins just installed in the apartment.

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