Wedding of Prince

Wedding of Prince
 Important events in the life of public people cause is usually a big stir. This is especially true of weddings, divorces and births. And of course, if the marriage goes himself prince of the blood, this event is covered extensively. Therefore, held April 29, 2011 wedding of Prince William Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton rocked the whole world.
 The eldest son of the Prince of Wales met Kate in 2001 Sep-Andrusskom University where they both studied. Their betrothal took place in 2010 on October 20 and announced that it was in the same year, but a bit later - on November 16th. Preparations for the wedding, as, indeed, and very significant event, attracted huge media attention. The ceremony was broadcast around the world live. By the way, in many ways it was compared with the marriage of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles - the parents of William, - which was concluded in 1981. Much attention has been focused on the status of Catherine as a commoner who marries a man of the royal family.

However, the wedding was not until the end of the public event, as Prince William is not a direct heir to the throne. Therefore, a plurality of parts, such as, for example, most of the guest invitation list consisting of about 1,900 left to the discretion of the pair.

Wedding day in the UK declared a public holiday. Used equestrian and pedestrian guard, royal garage, the event had many ceremonial aspects. A few hours before the Queen granted the title of baron William Kerrikfergyurskogo Count Strathernskogo and the Duke of Cambridge. After the marriage took place, Kate Middleton was awarded the title of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. At a ceremony attended by a large part of the entire royal family, a lot of members of foreign royal families, couples personal guests, as well as diplomats.

Catherine wore a white dress, created by British designer Sarah Burton, and a tiara lent to the queen. Prince William donned the uniform of a colonel of the Irish Guards - a honorary title. Shafer Wilma chose his brother, Prince Harry, and the main bridesmaid was her sister Pippa. The wedding ceremony was launched at 11:00 BST.

Service conducted by John Robert Hall (senior priest of Westminster), together with Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury). Archbishop led directly itself wedding, Richard Chartres (Bishop of London) gave a sermon. James - the brother of the bride - read the poem "Epistle to the Roman woman."

After the ceremony the newlyweds headed the procession traveled to Buckingham Palace to make a traditional balcony. Later the Prince drove newfound Duchess in his father's classic Aston Martin DB6 Volante, which Prince Harry graced license plate with the inscription «JU5T WED», to Clarence House.

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