Three sisters: Charlotte, Anne, Emily Bronte

Three sisters: Charlotte, Anne, Emily Bronte
 Initially there were five sisters: Mary, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Emily and Anne. But older girls Bronte died very young in a school for the children of the clergy, where they were sent to study after his mother's death, rampant tuberculosis. Heartbroken father Patrick Bronte family rushed to take away from the "pension death" other children. And three sisters were educated at home, surrounded by family and rural landscape of old England ...


In the eight years she stayed for seniors. Her mother died, and the education of orphaned children Bronte took over their Aunt Elizabeth Branwell. A first assistant Aunt Charlotte was precisely. She has held the games of younger brothers and sisters - dilapidated vicarage in Yorkshire County was an ideal platform for children's fiction and fantasy. However, moving a little amusements Charlotte preferred writing. She was constantly writing something - poems or stories, or simply records the surveillance of those who had been by her side. So, who died in a boarding house in the manuscripts of Sister Maria's younger sister forever gained immortality, then turned into a beautiful Helen Burns, the only girlfriend Jane Eyre, the main character of the legendary novel.

This literary work published from the pen of the humble British spinster and has become a national treasure of the United Kingdom, largely autobiographical. Like Jane Eyre, Charlotte visited consistently and in a horrible pension, which was dominated by terrible manners and dozens of girls were dying of tuberculosis (TB), and in the service of a governess and a teacher. Together with her sisters Emily and Anne she tried to open her own boarding house for girls, and good Aunt Branwell even gave this undertaking the necessary amount ... but wish to study in this wilderness was not found.

In parallel with the work of Charlotte continued to write. Her poems have not received the approval of the public and critics, publishing the first novel just did not take. Then the young woman decided to take a desperate step: a sort of stylized morals time autobiography. In the novel "Jane Eyre" Charlotte put heart and soul on paper only she could talk about unrequited love for his teacher Konstantin Eje. He became the prototype of the mysterious Mr. Rochester and inaccessible, whereas in the form of "Ugly Betty" Jane tiny, frail and sickly Charlotte withdrew itself.

The novel, first published under a male pseudonym, gained unprecedented popularity. And with the growth of literary fame in Charlotte, which thirties has long been considered an old maid, suddenly began to improve, and personal life. She made an offer to the priest Arthur Bell Nikkolls and, despite the protests of her father, she agreed to the marriage. Unfortunately, less than a year, as the bride died in preterm labor. Her younger sister had already been dead: all of them, as a curse, just the very consumption ...


Although Emily Brontë literary career took shape around the same success as his older sister, by the nature of it were two completely different personalities. Unlike Charlotte, Emily looked around the closed and cautious. The early death of his mother, frequent illness made her susceptible to mysticism. This craving for gloom eventually poured out on the pages of her only novel - "Wuthering Heights." His protagonists, beloved Catherine and Heathcliff are subject to painful passion, experiencing betrayal, separation and revenge ... And after the death miraculously find themselves in the same coffin. In this work a strange fate: at the first edition, he went into the shadows "Jane Eyre" and only after the author's death received massive acclaim. However, lived in this world of the Bronte sisters average only 30 years old. She died at the father's house, not knowing some love but related ... All the passion of her life and remained only in the pages of the novel ...


Of the three sisters namely babe Ann was more attached to his brother, Branwell shiftless. Showing promise artist, he got in touch with a married woman, was fired from his job, and at the end of life addicted to alcohol and opium. The sad fate of his brother was the subject of one of the two novels, Anne - "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall." This bold at the time the product, telling the decisive Helen and her husband drunk and vicious, the struggle with which it comes, has led to a curious misunderstanding. After reading the manuscript, "Jane Eyre" and "The Stranger ...", a London publisher demanded that Anne had come to him personally, to make sure that both the novel written by different people, and not one of Charlotte.

Strange, but it was Charlotte prevented the publication of this too bold, in its view, the novel. As Emily Bronte, Anne died on the eve of his 30th anniversary, and not knowing about the glory that earned her literary talent ...

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