The secret of success Liv Tyler

The secret of success Liv Tyler
 Bright, stylish, charming - American actress Liv Tyler dizzy millions of men around the world and is the subject of admiration for all women. She looks gorgeous, in his 34 years retains unblemished youthful skin and a perfect figure. She was invited to act in the best films and television series, and the famous French fashion house and cosmetic companies devote her his collection.
 What is the secret of success dizzying Liv Tyler? The star says he is, first and foremost, in the hard work.

Liv Tyler was born in 1977 in the United States - namely, in New York. Ten years before the girl was sure that her father - Todd Rundgren, the famous rock musician. However, when the baby grew up, her mother, model and American singer Byuel Bibi, daughter revealed the secret: in fact her own father - Steve Tyler, the leader of the famous band "Aerosmith". Since then, the daughter and the father began to maintain a very friendly, warm family relationships, and even spent some time working together.

When the actress Liv Tyler hears the question, what is the secret of her success in the acting and modeling career, the star responds extremely honest. "With fourteen years I worked, began to act in films, participated in fashion shows - says Tyler. - I have not had time, like my peers, going to parties, relax and have fun. But I must admit, this did not regret: after those first steps have been especially important for me. "

Meanwhile, friends Liv Tyler say that the secret of her success is not only hard work but also in the remarkable qualities of character. Despite its popularity, Liv did not become a "star", with fans and journalists talking very friendly, always open and friendly on the set is not capricious, unlike many other famous actresses. Including so many directors dream about to start relationships with the Liv Tyler.

By the way, Liv is not only a talented actress, but also a great mom. After the birth of her son Milo her life took a completely different turn: she began to accept the intervention not all projects. Actress selects only those roles that allow her not to leave the baby for a long time with nannies and grandmothers.

According to most Liv Tyler, her main dream is not "Star Olympus", and now the family fortune. And if there is such a joy - so will everything else: professional development, creative self-realization, and much, much more.

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