The best night clubs of the world

The best night clubs of the world
 The most fashionable music, sets the best DJs, luxurious interiors, stylish crowd - these attributes nightclubs invariably attract lovers recreation club in the world, seeking new sensations and emotions.

Top - 10 of the world's famous nightlife

Best New - York club Cielo, located a few steps from the West Side Highway, has been calculated by only 300 people. It is characterized by a lack of garish signage on the outside and "light music" inside. Get into the club has become much easier than a few years ago. He is, as before, is open seven days a week, billboards painted on the next six months. Here you can see performances of popular DJs in the world. As in any other American club Cielo in a non-smoking indoors.

Berlin referred to as the club capital of Europe, the best in club Berghain, located on the outskirts of a former power plant has an original, a rather intimidating exterior. Inside you can see the "cream" of the Berlin club subculture, and to hear qualitative "techno."

Chicago club Crobar, which is part of the famous network in preference to their old schools building theaters, famous for its lack of anadromous parties. Every evening is dedicated to another star, and in the VIP - area common to see the familiar face covers of fashion magazines.

Fabric, the best London club, located near the meat market in the former refrigerator. Vibrating dance floor - the main attraction for visiting clubbers. The club is designed for 2,000 people, the lack of face - control (the main feature of English clubs) attracts the most motley audience that wants to hear well-known DJs - residents of the club.

Legendary Tokyo Womb, despite its apparent simplicity, is a cult in Japan. The club was one of the last bastions of dance music, interest in which the country has been steadily falling since the local youth gives his preferences pop - music.

The club Space, located in Ibiza in the former parking entrance fee for all - and for the famous football players, and for anonymous visitors, the only difference in the price of the ticket. Tunnel-room with soft sound and diodovymi paneled walls accommodates about 2000 people.

The London club Matter, impresses with its cutting-edge technologies as usual clubbers and club industry sharks. It is located on the Greenwich Peninsula and sail it can be on a boat - a lovers appreciate a nice gesture.

The club Avalon, beloved Hollywood party-goers, you can not only enjoy quality music, but also to feel the noble spirit of antiquity, continuing in a former theater Palace, despite the ultra-sound and light, was subjected to constant upgrade.

DJs of the first magnitude never pass up an opportunity to play for the remote control of the Brazilian club Warung Beach in Santa Catarina. Tired of pretentiousness attracts clubbers simple design - Clubhouse is a huge tent of white cloth with a capacity of about a thousand people. The club does not differ bright show -program and heaped club attributes, but you can complete a stormy night dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

English Shindig, located in the north of the country, in Newcastle, points out in his schedule the names of the most popular in Europe House - DJs, enjoy the work that comes noisy and gay students that make up the main population of Newcastle.

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