Teri Hatcher: Desperate Housewives

Teri Hatcher: Desperate Housewives
 Who would have thought that for a happy carefree smile of the beautiful actress is hidden deep emotional trauma that Teri Hatcher hid from childhood. No one could not imagine that I had to make one of the famous "Desperate Housewives."  

Teri was an ordinary girl, nothing stands out among his classmates. She loved dancing, was the ringleader of the school, but not brilliantly studied and bullies. Parents - always busy scientists - have spared no means the only daughter and fulfill every whim girls. Teri took dancing lessons, fashionably dressed, and by age 16 had already had a decent amount in the account at a local bank.

But the girl was actually given to itself, because the parents have worked very hard. Teri than once in interviews that her childhood and adolescence passed in solitude: parents willingly sponsored her hobbies, but could not find a few minutes to sit down and just talk.

In Hollywood Teri came quite by accident - went to support each other on the samples and accidentally landed the role of singing and dancing mermaid in the TV show. Then there was another small role, and another.

On one of the parties acting Teri met her future husband. Everything went very well: career thrived, showered with offers to act, came to prominence after the TV series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." She even managed to play a Woman of the Bond film "Tomorrow Never Dies". Charming daughter was born - a universal favorite. Suddenly there was a bolt from the blue.

Richard Hayes Stone - the name reverted to the famous actress from the dark past, which she diligently tried to forget, to erase. This is a man accused of child abuse in his native town of Teri Hatcher. Teenage girl killed herself after everything that has made her a maniac pedophile. The investigation and the evidence needed to prove the charge.

Live Hollywood star made a shocking confession that she, Teri Hatcher, at the age of 5 years old had been sexually abused by the same person for four long years. This bombshell. To say that the public was shocked, then do not say anything. But Teri stubbornly stood his ground, arguing that simply must put an end to this story and finally punish the rapist.

"Desperate" - talked about Teri Hatcher. Several studios broke an employment contract with the actress. Former friends have forgotten the way to her house. The husband could not stand the shock and left. The phone was silent, but Teri was happy. In her mind was calm: she was able to repel the assailant, who received severe punishment after the recognition of the actress.

"Desperate" - solid agent actress, getting rejected by. Desperate Housewives Teri Hatcher, that's what it was before the fateful call the producer of the series 'Desperate Housewives' Marc Cherry, who offered her to play the role of a fun "razvedenki" Susan. The audience took a new character with great enthusiasm. Suffering and sadness in his eyes made her beauty even finer. Looked at her with respect - a frail woman decided to take such a courageous but desperate step.

To it were treated differently - Teri Hatcher is not just Hollywood beauty with appetizing forms, but also multi-faceted personality, capable of courageous civil action.

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