Stellar disease: Charlotte Gainsbourg

Stellar disease: Charlotte Gainsbourg
 Charlotte Gainsbourg, daughter of world famous parents, achieved popularity in a relatively early age. Already in the 13 years she played in a movie with Catherine Deneuve, and twenty received international recognition for her role in the controversial drama about incest.
 Her parents were never married. Novel by French actor and poet Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin Englishwoman lasted more than ten years and ended with violent rupture that did not stop the creative pair cooperate until the end of his days. Born in 1971, daughter Charlotte Serge implicitly recognized by including the girl to his will, along with the birth status of children and making her the heir of their intellectual property. The relationship of father and daughter were excellent when Charlotte was twelve, with my dad, she recorded a song Lemon Incest.

Child "the most fashionable pair" of France sixties, Charlotte briefly remained bezzvestnoy pupil Swiss guesthouse. During her studies, she starred in the melodrama "Words and Music" with the Catherine Deneuve. And two years later received a national award "Cesar" as a promising young actress. This title is a girl fully justified, forcing the entire film world to talk about themselves after the release of the controversial drama "The Cement Garden", a scenario which, according to Ian McEwan's novel, written by her uncle, Andrew Birkin. He also directed the gloomy and depressive paintings whose protagonists - the young brother and sister zalivshie cement in the foundation of the house dead mother, and then yield to sin incest.

Shortly after the release of "Cement Garden" when critics have hung on Charlotte label of "rebel", she again surprised everyone by playing Jane Eyre in the eponymous film adaptation of Franco Zeffirelli, known for his large-scale, breathtaking performances of classical works.

Despite the worldwide fame and media attention from an early age, "star fever" Charlotte Gainsbourg has not touched. Over the next ten years she acted mostly in low-budget French cinema and focused on personal life, marrying a Russian-born director Ivan Attal and having given birth to a son and daughter. And in 2009 the name was pronounced Gainsbourg again at international film festivals. In Cannes was presented provocative film by Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist" in which Charlotte played the female lead. Picture, full of shocking scenes, because of which the first four viewing audience fainted, did not meet the approval of either the jury or the public. However Gainsbourg in an interview stressed that her "dying to play" mentally unstable woman who lost her son, and of the crippling guilt herself and her husband during sex. By the way, the Cannes judges still gave her the prize "Best Actress" in "Antichrist". 

In 2011, Charlotte was born in the family of another son, Joe. The actress and her husband and children, lives in Paris, writes songs, and after yet another blockbuster disaster movie "Melancholia", has returned to the low-budget European films.

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