Stellar disease: Charlize Theron

Stellar disease: Charlize Theron
 Charlize Theron has an incredibly good looks and tough-minded. This combination has allowed it to become a Hollywood star in a few years, and it remains to this day. With each new role actress proves his skills already set strict academicians of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences award of the prestigious award "Oscar" in 2004.
 Charlize Theron was born August 7, 1975 in South Africa. There she lived almost 15 years, so English is the second for her. Childhood future actress was not easy, which together with the rigid discipline of the ballet, which is professionally engaged, shaped her purposeful nature.

Even at a very young age Charlize fascinated by a ballet, it became her true passion, she is ready to become a ballerina. However, opportunities for this in your own Benoni in Johannesburg, where she studied at the National School of Arts, was not so much. On the advice of his mother she went to the competition models. Thin and fragile Charlize with a spectacular appearance just could not lose, and soon the winner, she went to Europe to work on the contract.

A year later, fate brought her to New York, where Charlize decided to finally settle down and fulfill an old dream. She was admitted to the Ballet School, but was forced to leave it after a complicated knee injury. And again came to help my mother, who bought her a ticket to Los Angeles in one end, advising try his hand at acting career.

Career as an actress began for her with a second episode in the film "Children of the Corn 3", but in 1997 the screens out the famous "Devil's Advocate" with a pretty and talented Charlize, played opposite Keanu Reeves. After this ascent to Hollywood Olympus continued: "Astronaut's Wife," "Sweet November," "The Italian Job" became hits rolled.

Charlize Theron was not included in the select circle would be the first actresses in Hollywood, had to rely only on their appearance. She deliberately refused many frivolous roles, however, is not suffering from false modesty. She did not hesitate to show her body, but it was always an integral part of the script, and not just a whim of the director. Considering the body one of the tools of his profession, Charlize learned how to use it without stooping to vulgarity and pornography.

Finally, in 2003 came the turning point, when the actress went to a very ambiguous role in the thriller "Monster", staged on a true story. The changed beyond recognition and make-up artists added almost 15 pounds, Charlize has little resemblance to the pretty nymphet. After the success of her paintings dramatic talent became apparent, and after some time on the shelf in her house there was a coveted "Oscar".

Charlize Theron continues to actively removed. It can choose the roles that she was interested. On the screen actors tell the story that needs to capture their own, otherwise the game will seem implausible. As she says Charlize, she tries to make her characters layered so that was interesting not just look at them, but try to understand and solve. Two years later, thanks to this strategy, she was again nominated for "Oscar", now for the drama "North Country."

Charlize Theron star fever is not affected. It is too much experienced in life is to not appreciate what your hard-earned. It soberly looks at his career and realizes that one can never rest on our laurels. Despite the feminine appearance and manners, in character Charlize steel, it is called a snow queen.

The actress does not tolerate disrespect and invasion of privacy that allow many other stars in the pursuit of fame excess. She rarely smiles and does not like to be photographed in everyday life. Because of this, she even suffered a boycott of photojournalists, who did not take it off at the next social event. Charlize facial features softened only when she is with her mother Gerda or adopted son Jackson. She is a true professional in his work and believes that their roles brings people quite fun to entertain them even in life.

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