Meet Oksana Robski

Meet Oksana Robski
 Announcement Oksana Robski evoke the very contradictory attitude. Her critics, admired, her jealous and imitate her. Accusations of lack of talent as a writer - on the one hand, and thousands of copies of her books - on the other. It is controversial and mysterious, and rarely shares details of her private life.

Successful and independent women are always associated with increased interest. Oksana Robski - one of them. A resident Rublevki, luxuriously looking beautiful, adventurous biznesvuman, socialite, loving mother - it's all about her.

Oksana Robski (her maiden name - Polyanskaya) was born June 10, 1968 in Moscow. For school girl treated very cool: it is much more interested in discos and walk with the boys than the school routine. However, her life had many interests - from music and fencing to swimming and painting. According to some reports, Oksana no higher education, which, however, did not prevent her from practicing journalism for 15 years. In any case, practical experience has taught her a lot more professional lessons than any university. Oksana and worked as an assistant director and archivist, and publisher.

Perhaps it was the constant employment and made Robski successful biznesvuman. Among its projects - a network of furniture showrooms "Gallery On", the company tailoring staff "Majordomo" and the first in the Russian security agency "Nikita" in which work exclusively female bodyguards.

Many years ago, Oksana has experienced a terrible tragedy: her second husband was gunned down in the stairwell. These and many other autobiographical details are reflected in the first novel Robski «Casual», instantly became a bestseller in 2005. Later, there were no less popular books - "On lyuboff-on», «Life again", "Day of Happiness - tomorrow." Most of them tells the story of the oligarchs, their wives and mistresses - about everything this author knows firsthand. One may criticize the creative talent Oksana, but undeniably one thing: her book opens the door to an unknown simple layman world.

By the way, not so long ago Oksana announced that stops writing and plans to pursue other projects. But it is quite possible that in literature it still comes back. If her life events appear to be a source of inspiration.

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