Meet Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Meet Anastasia Zavorotnyuk
 Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is Honored Artist of Russia, film and stage actress, TV presenter, as well as a jury member of the People's show star on TRK Ukraina. In 2005 she was awarded the Taffy "Best Actress" for the TV series "My Fair Nanny". The main role in the film-action movie "Apocalypse Code" in 2007 brought her even more popular. Celebrities added musical comedy "Shakespeare never dreamed of."

Her life is closely connected with the theater. Her father - television director Yuri A. and mother - Valentina B. - people who are closely related to art. Not surprisingly, the daughter of a childhood dream career as an actress. In addition to school Anastasia took part in the dance ensemble "Lotus" and is actively involved in music. But about his dream (to become an actress) little Nastya never forget.

After high school, under the pressure of parents Anastasia goes to college at the Faculty of historians in Astrakhan. After studying for almost a year at the Institute, Nastya realizes that the story - it was not her calling, and decides to go to Moscow to enter the Theater Institute. Father fully supports daughter, and under the pretext of archeological excavations they leave, no specific mention of the mother.

First began to conquer GITIS, but all attempts failed. But the father led his gifted daughter to try to force in Schukinskaya and the Moscow Art Theater. Talent spotted the young actress, and she enrolled in two places, but preference is given to the Moscow Art Theatre, which was successfully completed in 1993.

The first role that brought Anastasia fame - is the role of the humble girl in the movie "Masha" in 1991. Then a couple of years, she was offered to play Broadway Putana Lisa. Then it all started to happen, the chances were, and they were used.

First wife Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was German. He saw her, fell in love and persuaded to marry one day. She left his native Moscow and went with him to Germany, but lived there for a few years and then vozvratilat back home.

True love Anastasia met almost by accident back in the days when she was married to a German. His name was Dmitry, he proposed to the young actress, and they were married almost immediately. A few years later became the mother of Anastasia, she gave birth to a girl.

Sit in one place Anastasia Zavorotnyuk would not, she and her husband decided to go to America. In the US, their works went well, very well developed business together. That's Los Angeles became a city where the couple had a son Michael. After birth, Anastasia decides to again come to Moscow.

In Moscow, as time passed auditions for the lead role in the movie "My Fair Nanny". Successfully passing the casting, Anastasia took the lead role and instantly became popular. It is with this show connected biggest change in her life. Zavorotnyuk became very famous and even left the studio Tabakov. The success was simply spectacular, and Anastasia was invited to appear in shows, TV programs. Together with Alexander the CEC in 2005, she began to lead the transfer of "Good Song".

Sergey Zhigunov became the third husband of Anastasia. Anastasiya and Sergey left their families. Their romance was stormy, the whole country watched these relationships, but their marriage prsuschestvoval long.

In 2008 Zavorotnyuk began to lead the program "Dancing on Ice" on the dance floor and she met his next love in the person of Peter Chernyshov. According to Anastasia, that Peter is the man who designed it over. Hopefully, Anastasia still found happiness.

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