Man-pillow Rose McGowan

Man-pillow Rose McGowan
 Actress Rose McGowan, famous for the role of one of the sisters-witches in the youth series "Charmed", recently won at the Hollywood paparazzi playful nickname "Man-pillow". It is with a pillow photographers caught Rose in public places because of active filming of "Enchanted" enjoyed every opportunity to lie down and sleep.
 Its spectacular appearance Rose Arianna McGowan obliged bizarre blending Irish, French and Italian blood. Born future actress in Florence. Rose's childhood took place in a religious sect "Children of God", which consisted of her parents. At the time, the name of this sect thundered throughout the world after the sixties, its founders recognized that the statute permitted sexual relations with minors.

When she was ten years old, parents severed all relations with religious fanatics, and decided to radically question: moved to another continent. In the US, the couple divorced McGowan, the mother began to change lovers and Rose contacted by drug traffickers. In 14 years, at the urging of another stepfather she was treated for drug abuse clinics, by the time he died from an overdose of the first boyfriend of the girl.

Film debut for Rose McGowan was the role in the comedy "Frozen Californian." Her game critics have noted, however, widely recognized actress received a few years later, she appeared in the cult horror Youth "Scream". Following this success, lack of invitation from the directors, among which were the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, was not there. Developed in parallel and Career McGowan model: a few well-known American fashion houses offered white-skinned beauty with huge eyes become the face of fashion label.

Rebel at heart, Rose always preferred independent film mass, more surprising was her appearance in one of the most popular youth series USA. The role of Paige Matthews, younger sister-witch in "Charmed" Rose brought worldwide fame as a TV show broadcast in many countries, including in Russia. However, after the end of the series she has returned to his much-loved thrillers and horror films: no wonder the press McGowan was awarded the title of "Queen of horror."

Car accident in 2007, which cost several plastic surgeries Rose, the actress is not knocked out of the rut. Recovered, she continues to act, often working for wear. With pillows in an embrace she went during the filming of "Napa", which plays the role of a female sheriff.

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