Divorced and happy. This is what happens?

Divorced and happy. This is what happens?
 Divorce is often associated with negative changes in life, loneliness and suffering. Meanwhile, the turning point quite able to lead to happiness, joy, new love. And examples of stars are proof of that.
 Known worldwide pop singer Britney Spears has gone through a divorce with the father of her two sons, dancer Kevin Federline after three years of marriage. This event was given it quite difficult - it turned out attractive girls in full, scruffy woman, which follows the antics of the whole world, got into rehab and lost custody of her kids. But, after a while, it was able to do the impossible - to tidy themselves and their nerves successfully back on stage and return to their children. And most importantly - met a new love. Rumors about her forthcoming marriage with Jason Trawick appear in the tabloids with an enviable constancy, and Britney again looks happy and charming.

Singer Valeria today happily married to producer Joseph Prigozhennym. But before she divorced Alexander Shulgin, who was at that time and her producer, and was about to put an end to his career and personal life.

Another example of a happily divorced woman takes Jennifer Aniston. Her husband, a famous actor Brad Pitt left her for Angelina Jolie after 5 years of marriage. For a long time after that Aniston has been the target of journalists - no article about it did not go without mention of severe divorce from her husband, who preferred another star. After several unsuccessful novels she finally met her love - American actor, director and screenwriter Justin Theroux.

No less experienced heavy Divorce Oscar-winning Actress Nicole Kidman. Tom Cruise decided to divorce her shortly before the tenth anniversary of their marriage, trying to catch a divorce before the anniversary, not to pay compensation constant. Especially Nicole oppressed by the fact that in many interviews actor talked about wanting to have their own child, whom the actress, alas, has not been able to give him. Kidman's head went to work, trying not to pay attention to family life ex-husband's new young wife and the appearance in his life of his daughter. But the confusion and pain Nicole passed at a meeting with a musician Keith Urbantom. They are now happily married and have two lovely daughters.

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