Chris Brown: A Biography

Chris Brown: A Biography
 At age 11, Chris Brown started singing at 13 it drew the attention of the producers of one of the provincial talent shows, and in 16 he released his first single, "Run It!", Immediately got on top of the charts Billboard. Released after the debut single from the singer's name on the cover of sixteen five weeks of sales went platinum.

This artist was born in the style of rhythm and blues, whose full name is Christopher Maurice Brown, May 5, 1989 in the town called Tappahannock (Virginia, USA) and a population of less than three thousand people. 11 years old guy tried to rap, but suddenly realized that he can sing and sounding receivers parents song Michael Jackson and Sam Cooke closer to him. When Chris noticed producers and there was the prospect of a musical career, he dropped out of school for two years and went to New York to work on their debut album in the studio Jive Records. The disc was released November 29, 2005, and reached the second position in the album chart Billboard.

Starting next year, Chris not only worked on the second album, but also began to appear in the television series One on One and The OC, and in 2007 made his debut in one of the roles of the dance hit Stomp the Yard and starring in This Christmas. The next album (Exclusive) was released in November 2007 and in the first week sold over 294,000 copies, and the single Wall To Wall became a singer second, reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100. The most popular outside the United States received a single With You. In 2008, Brown was the best artist of the year by the magazine Billboard.

The third album titled Graffiti was released November 13, 2009 and did not live up to expectations, being able to reach only 55 lines chart Billboard. This year was not at all happy in the life of Chris Brown. At the beginning of the year happened not associated with music event that left its mark on the future career. February 8, he was arrested by police in Los Angeles in connection with the prosecution of domestic violence towards his girlfriend, the famous singer Rihanna. At some time, his music was banned on many radio stations, and participation in public events (including the Grammy Awards) has been canceled. June 22, 2009, Brown was sentenced to five years probation, six months of community service and a ban Rihanna approach closer than 50 yards.

June 29, 2010 was published the song Dueces, Brown recorded with Tyga and Kevin McCall. She allowed the singer to get back on top in different ratings and reach the 14 seats in the hot hundred Billboard. In the same year, Chris starred in the movie Takers («Boys raiders" in the Russian box office). In September, Brown announced that he is working on his fourth disc FAME (Forgiving All My Enemies). The first single from the album (Yeah 3x) was released in late October and went platinum several countries (Australia, New Zealand). Disc F.A.M.E. was released on 18 March 2011 and was the first album the singer topped the US charts Billboard. During the first week was sold 270 thousand copies.

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