50 Cent: Get Rich or Die

50 Cent: ?
 July 6, 1975 born, yet unknown world, Curtis James Jackson III, then the "great and terrible" rapper 50 Cent. From birth, the fate suffered its strength. And he underwent tests made him not just a good man, and a man not afraid of difficulties and any work.

Mother, trying to get out of the miserable conditions, a drug dealer. To help her parents did not expect - in the family except for her and so had eight brothers and sisters, in her arms a little child who needs to be put on shoes and dress, educate, give it all the time.

She died in mysterious circumstances when he was not yet eight years. Those responsible for the incident have not found the culprit was not punished, and it did not add the boy respect for the police. He already knows how to earn a living, even though it is not the most decent income.

At age 19 he was first arrested by the police and sentenced to three years in prison, released six months later. Perhaps at this moment 50 Cent and think about my life, "bad" examples, he had already seen a lot. Understands that you need in your life to change something.

It turns out that wealth has long been in his hands - it's his voice, because this is no longer anybody. He begins to actively engage in music and comes to fame when his detractors almost killing - he was shot and hit 9 (!) Times. But he was still alive and with even greater zeal began to aspire to the starry Olympus.

The album "Get Rich or Die» 50 Cent brought worldwide fame! However, Curtis does not stop there and start making money on everything. He advertises sneakers Reebok, vitamin water Glacéau, voiced cartoons, acted in films and earns money, indeed, in many different ways ...

His nickname "50 Cent» Curtis chose not accidental. In the 80s of the last century it belonged to a fairly well-known gangster Kelvin Martin. Selecting Curtis explained as follows: "I am the same as that of the 50 Cent - gangster. I earn in any way. " And he is responsible for his words, because he was rich.

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