Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson
 Samantha Ronson safely be different fashion trends, and its musical creativity is popular far beyond the borders of New York. Her wardrobe is replete with bright clothes that attract the attention of many people.
 Born Samantha Ronson in the capital of England, London, August 17, 1977. She received fame thanks to her musical creativity, as well as close ties with Lindsay Lohan - Hollywood actress. Ronson lives in Los Angeles.

Samantha's parents were Jewish, but her ancestors were Russian, and the Austrians and Lithuanians. It was from a young age in a creative atmosphere. Her brother Mark - known music producer, and his sister Samantha has made progress in the design.

When Samantha was 16 years old, she became a member of the musical group Law Lifes, performing rap, but in the near future realized her vocation - club music. She became a professional DJ and also started to practice the creation of the songs, and in a variety of genres.

Ronson album called Red, and consists of only 4 songs, but rolled it was never released. Her work can be heard only on MySpace on the Internet. The best songs of the performer - Pull My Hair Out, Built This Way and If It's Gonna Rain.

In 2000, Samantha took part in the New Year broadcast on MTV, and later starred on television. These were mainly music programs.

It is also worth noting that Ronson is the co-owner of the New York club called The Plumm, the popular, I must say. She often stands there behind the decks, showing a visitor his musical arsenal.

Known to the whole world, this has become a creative person in 2008, when he began to write her most of the "yellow press" States. The fact is that the actress Lindsay Lohan has officially announced that they are engaged to be married to Samantha. For Lohan really is often noted tendency to same-sex relationships, so it is not recognized for many surprise.

The role of "husband" in this pair plays Ronson. In the same 2008 lovers made a statement that they want to get married to his end.

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