Roma Beast

Roma Beast
 Roma (Beast) Bilyk was born in a large industrial city of Taganrog. From school, he began to get involved in music, but by coincidence, after graduation he entered the Faculty of Civil Engineering Vocational School. In 2000, the young man decided to move to Moscow for the development of his musical career.
 The capital of Russia took the rookie unkindly. Producers initially did not see in the Roman artist, so he was forced to work in their specialty, that is a builder. It did not last long. In autumn 2000, music producer Alexander Voitinsky Listen to the song Bilyk. Assess the potential and talent of the young man, Alexander immediately asked him to form a band. So in 2001 there was a group of "Animals".

In 2002, viewers saw on the screen the first clip of which was filmed for the song "For you." This video has not brought glory to the boys, but they were noticed by the director of a recording studio CD Land Records. In 2002, a group of "Animals" was first performed at the music festival. From that moment the young man became popular and recognizable among Russians.

In 2003, the Roma with his band made its first tour in Russia. A year later, the guys shot a video for the song "All that concerns you." It is this group put forward a hit on a high pedestal.

But not only career grew up. In 2004, Roma Beast secretly married the model of St. Petersburg - Marina Queen. Before marriage couple met just over a year. Four years later, they had a daughter - Olga. Now a young family is very happy, because they found each other.

In 2005, Roma decided to write a book about life before his arrival in the capital, edition appeared on store shelves a year later and it was called "Jody pistols." Readers can learn about life before and after the fame of the actor, after reading this book.

In addition, in 2011 the Beast, together with his beloved wife released a line of youth clothing 3veri. Fans can buy things not only on the shelves of upmarket shops, but on the Internet. In the same year the actor was offered the lead in the TV show "The Game", which is included on the NTV channel.

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