Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams
 Canadian Rachel McAdams made a brilliant career in Hollywood, became famous in 2004 thanks to the movie "The Notebook." On account of its different roles in serious dramas and romantic comedies, action adventure and touching melodrama.
 Rachel McAdams was born in 1978 in a simple family of the driver and a nurse. Besides her parents had another daughter Kaylin and son Daniel. Her hometown - Canadian London, but grew up in the neighboring girl St. Thomas. There's a 4 year she started skating, and then dancing.

Being very energetic, Rachel is constantly striving to something new. In 13 years, having gone to summer camp, she discovered acting. In amateur theater gave Shakespeare's plays, and aspiring actress really succeeded. Returning home, she continued to play, and even became the winner of the local theater award in 15 years. Nevertheless, it has long been thought that this kind of hobby and can not be considered a serious occupation.

So she thought before entering the University of York, which was going to study the culture. This seems to be close to the theater, but much weight, she thought. Acting was still one of her subjects, and the teacher immediately saw in her natural talent. So Rachel McAdams made acting as a profession, and received a bachelor's degree in theater arts in 2001.

After graduation, the girl's life has changed dramatically. She made her debut on television in 2002 and almost immediately became well-known and loved by the audience. They appealed to her romantic appearance and the constant smile, causing the appearance of charming dimples on his cheeks.

Determined not to rest on our laurels, Rachel McAdams went to Hollywood. After a series of comedies ("My name is Tanino", "chick", "Mean Girls"), she suddenly offered the role of a more thorough, requiring dramatic talent. This had a major role in a touching romantic drama 2004 "The Notebook."

On the set of this picture Rachel met the love. Ryan Gosling and the screen was her favorite, so that they do not have to pretend. Ironically, he was originally from the same city of London, they were even born in the same hospital, with only a difference of a few years. It had a complicated relationship: married couple lived together for only a couple of years. Then they parted, met again and again parted, now, it seems, forever.

Climbing Rachel McAdams may be called rapid. It literally burst onto the screens and still not come down with them. Her talent is confirmed by each new picture, whether it is a serious crime drama ("The Great Game"), thriller ("Night Flight"), fantasy ("Time Traveler's Wife") or adventurous adventures ("Sherlock Holmes"). In 2011, Rachel played in the Woody Allen film "Midnight in Paris", and in 2012 returned to the role of romantic heroine in "The Oath".

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