Memory of Amy Winehouse

Memory of Amy Winehouse
 Amy Winehouse was another bright, but short-lived flash in the sky popular stars. This talented and extraordinary singer, leaving only two albums, passed away in July 2011. It destroyed the drugs accompanying creative personality over the years.
 Amy Jade Winehouse - a native of north London, where she was born in 1983. Her parents were simple taxi driver and pharmacist lyubivshimi jazz. In the ninth year of life Amy her parents divorced, what caused the girl serious psychological blow. He was burdened coming out soon married her mother, and now Winehouse was one of three children.

The situation at home did not have to find it, so Amy finds any excuse to leave out, even in the courtyard of favorite music player. Already ten years she has tested his talent by creating a group Sweet 'n' Sour with his classmate. This fact has defined its future - had a dream to get to the big stage.

Amy had time to visit the theater school, but despite the fact that she was only a 12 years old, addicted to drugs and unusual appearance made to eliminate its leadership. The girl was so offended that she decided to avenge this unjust world, and went to the salon to make your first tattoo. This supported her by her grandmother, best friend at the time. She's the girl addicted to beer session on the porch.

Having achieved independence, and, more precisely, the move from the parents is not the best and clean apartment, Amy began attending clubs, one of which met with the singer Tyler James. His connection to the recording studio helped her record her first album, Frank, was released in 2003. All songs were written by Winehouse itself or with its active participation. The first disc was recognized, but the singer was dissatisfied with his work.

Songwriting and performances have continued to the accompaniment of drugs and alcohol. 2006 was the year of the second album, entitled Back to Black, who brought Winehouse real glory. He became five times platinum, and a year after the release has been recognized bestseller.

In private life, too, was not without change. In one club singer met with Blake Fielder-Sibyl, whom she married pretty quickly. Their relationship for mutual attraction to banned substances, which led to the fact that only three months after the wedding, Amy canceled their concerts in Britain and America due to ill health.

Together with her husband she went into rehab, but withdrew from it in five days. Relatives of the husband diligently calls on world to boycott performances daughter until their couple does not get rid of the addiction. After a while Blake was in prison, and later divorced him Winehouse.

Drug addiction is gaining momentum, the paparazzi caught her in the most lush areas in an unfavorable light. Despite this, the passion for creativity continued unabated, and the singer continued to work. It produced successful singles, documentaries and gave concerts.

2008 was a year of recognition - she received prestigious awards and even won five Grammy, which is quite rare. Amy took place in parallel all the new courses of treatment of addictions to drugs and alcohol. In the same year she put a serious diagnosis - emphysema. Winehouse has long been in severe depression caused by the same drug.

In 2011, at the age of 27 years the world-famous Amy Winehouse was found dead in her home in London. Cause of death, doctors called an overdose of drugs. She left behind two albums, eleven singles and an army of fans grieving for her and her talent.

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