Meet the Roma "The Beast"

Meet the Roma "The Beast"
 Roman Bilyk, or how many are accustomed to call it, the novel "The Beast", reached their peaks, having enough hard way. Starting with the profession tiler-dresser he was able to achieve thanks to his talent and perseverance star vertices remaining idol of thousands of people for quite some time already.  

Born in Taganrog Roman Bilyk was born in 1979, on 7 December. His father was a simple turner at a factory Red boilermaker, and older brother - conventional tractor. Post-secondary education, Roman enrolled in the Taganrog PU-23, after it was educated at the College of Civil Engineering.

Fascinated by music, in June 2000, Roman went to conquer Moscow. The first time the capital shows itself not very friendly Roman: no money, no one to turn to, and career musician seemed far off.

Not surrendering, Roman Bilyk found work in their field to the construction site. But here, too, it met unexpected difficulties - not understanding and lie. Roma or he could not accept the fact that others are constantly flatter and lie to each other.

But these difficulties are over pretty quickly, right after an unexpected twist of fate - dating Voitinsky with Alexander, who at the time was planning to create a group. After Roma brought his song Voitinsky stopped looking for a vocalist for the future of the group.

The combined efforts of talented native Taganrog and budding producer and director quickly bore fruit. In September 2001, a new, rapidly gaining popularity of the "Beasts". It is composed of supporters of Roma from Rostov, Khabarovsk and Minsk. Of course, now the novel "The Beast", became a soloist and songwriter.

The first clip of the new group came six months later, after the same period of time the contract was signed with the record company CD Land Records. Then came the speeches, there were new songs that became instant hits, numerous tours, produced albums, enjoy great popularity among the tens of thousands of people.

So was reached the top of the success and popularity of the group, and, of course, most Roma "Beast", where they are until now.

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