Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding
 Indian wedding is a very beautiful legend. This is the story of a happy couple who spent her life together, never swearing and changing each other. And they died in one day. The same day, the sky has a new star in honor of the friendly and happy couple. So, now every wedding in India shows a husband to his wife that same star and as it calls for it to be true and live happily forever.

Indian weddings are characterized by their stability, as rites and traditions that have been in the course of thousands of years ago, and stayed in the modern world. Marriage in India is still largely without the consent of the girl.

When the groom decides to start a family, parents are looking for him a suitable bride and agree with the relatives of the bride. And that, in turn, must obey his father and mother, so can marry a man who sees for the first time.

Further there is a 2 meeting. One - home of the bride, and the second - the groom's house. At these meetings, the young give gifts to relatives and exchange Present yourself bride and groom.

In the very day of the wedding the young can not eat anything until the wedding. In the house of the groom sing songs and dance dances. Then performed a small ritual in it all those present praised yellow flower. In India, it characterizes the sun and is a sign of loyalty. All the relatives and guests paint their foreheads yellow and sprinkle each other yellow powder.

Before a trip to the home of the bride father of the groom with a loud voice calling the names of deceased relatives, thereby telling them that their mother marries.

The wedding itself is carried out in the evening, be sure to the bride's house, where made a small temple-like dome. In each of the four corners must be palm also necessary to have a plurality of colors, mostly yellow.

The groom is obliged to take the stone and wait will make the bride. And make it a palanquin made of wood. Litter should look very rich and elegant. People who carry the bride seven times bypass around the groom, who is standing on a rock. And then the bride and groom should look into each other's eyes. This view is called "the very first glance."

All the people at the wedding moved to the place where the priest joins the hands of young, while he himself has to say a prayer and listen to the prayer of the bride and groom. The guy at this time to take the red paint and apply on the forehead of the girl. After that, they become husband and wife.

Further, all the fun continues until morning. The next day, no one celebrates all the rest. And the next day all the relatives gather at the home of the bride and continue the festivities.

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