Hottie Nicole Scherzinger

Hottie Nicole Scherzinger
 I wonder why the most conservative and religious family delivered in pop music of the sexiest and hottest chicks? Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger - not isolated examples, that even in a deeply religious family can grow relaxed and confident person.

In fact, no secrets. Religious education is still difficult to combine with frivolous lifestyle sexual canary. And the fate of Nicole Scherzinger - direct evidence of this.

Nicole was born to a Filipino and half Russian women. Mother left his father Nicole when she was a little girl. So raising girls doing her stepfather - German Harry Scherzinger.

Since childhood, Nicole accustomed to strict limitations and discreet way of life that had been taken in her Catholic family. She believes that this education has saved her from a lot of errors, which accomplishes the other girls being deceived singing career.

Nicole from the very first appearance on the professional stage performed in women's groups. At first it was a group Eden's Crush, then - Pussycat Dolls. This group, like the Russian "VIA Gra": they have a few sexy beauties dancing fire-dancing under the unpretentious hits.

Nicole says that she took time out to decide to put on his first costume. After all, he was more like an open underwear than clothes. The girl was able to overcome their complexes and fears, becoming one of the most sought after singers in the world.

Men are crazy about Nicole, but she does not differ tumultuous personal life. For all its beauty and temperament of the singer prefers serious relationship. About her novels are largely unknown. And now she meets racer "Formula 1" Lewis Hamilton. Their affair lasted from November 2007. And Nicole says that he prefers to be sexy for just one person - for their favorite.

Because of work, Nicole and Lewis are not seen very often. The singer admits that misses her beloved. However, a good education and restrained demeanor do not allow Nicole tighten short affair during a long separation, although wanting to do plenty of men around her.

It is possible that soon we will see the most coveted of the planet singer in a wedding dress at the altar. 26-year-old is ready to marry a 32-year-old Nicole. He is waiting for only one thing - its decision in this regard.

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