How to achieve the ideal press

How to achieve the ideal press
 Flat tummy - the dream of many girls. A noticeable relief of the press - an unattainable goal for many. You do abdominal exercises, but do not notice the result? Do not despair and revise the system of their studies. Maybe you just do not know how to achieve the perfect press.
 What do you do to pump up the press? Three times a week performing exercises? This is clearly insufficient. Ideal press - the result of a complex passage. This includes diet and stress on the whole body, and, of course, is designed to exercise control of the press.

If today you do ten more approaches, but does not deny myself in a piece of cake for dinner, do not expect tight stomach. Therefore, immediately identify with the program on which you will be engaged. This includes diet. Not necessarily give up some food at all. Limit yourself to a meal in the evening - Get into the habit dining yogurt or light salad. If possible, start to run. If not around the house (though the weather is not always possible), then in the gym. Or replace running a simple aerobics. Simple exercises - tilts, squats - must be performed before each class.

Prepare a place to study. Best of all - to buy a yoga mat. He is quite cheap, and soon you do not understand how did without it before. If you have carpet, you can deal with it. But too hard surface is bad for the health of the back, is too soft - no result.

Make a set of exercises. Do not include exercises that you do not understand or do not like. Disassemble each exercise video tutorials or instructions in the drawings, complete execution. Interrupting the lesson to remember the right exercise, you will lose a lot of time, and the desire to disappear.

Really good help to make the perfect press such exercises. Lie on the mat, legs bent at the knees, hands behind his head. Tear off the blades to the floor and lift the body to the knees, back straight. Exhale. Descend back.
Lie down, lift your legs straight up, hands behind his head. Try to lift the blade and tighten the upper torso to the legs, while lifting your legs up (as they would be pushing the air).

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